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«The economy of agro-industrial complex» celebrates its 20th anniversary

The 6th July 2014 is the day of 20-th anniversary of establishing the International scientific research and production journal «The economy of the AIC» that remains the leading scientific economic edition covering the problems of the development of agro-industrial complex.

The period of early 90th of the ХХ с. was the time of market transformations in the economy of Ukraine alongside with crisis. These transformations required adequate agrarian reforms in the agrarian sector that had to take place within the framework of profound scientific research, considering world experience and social opinion.

The journal was established as a powerful printed media-tool for formation, and realisation of agrarian policy, implementation of agrarian reform, aimed at significant change in the agro-industrial field.

The journal was founded in 1994 by the Ministry of food and agrarian policy of Ukraine, National Scientific Centre «Institute of Agrarian Economy» of UAAS, agro-industrial bank «Ukraine», corporation «Ukrainian Agrarian Commodities Exchange», All-Ukraine Council of Agricultural Enterprises. Participation of the «The Brothers Karich» Company (Yugoslavia) a co-founders provided the journal with the international status.

Nowadays, the official publisher of the journal is the LLC «International Research and Production journal «The economy of AIC» cofounded by National Scientific Research Centre» Institute of Agrarian Economy ", Luhansk National Agrarian University, Mykolaiv National Agrarian University and Sumy National Agrarian University.

The need for objective information of sphere of scientific research and production contributed to the popularity of the journal among wide circles of agrarian community form the very first issues.

The journal was established in one the period of one of the U-turns of agrarian reform. There had been grounds for development of multistructural rural economy such as legal regulations aimed at provision of private property rights on land and property for agrarian production. Nevertheless, the exact decisions on land shares, privatisation of property of state enterprises, implementation of modern market instruments were not taken yet or remained on the stage of handling.

Hence, the journal was created as a platform for discussion of the acute problems of agrarin transformations, formation of common conceptual view of the model of functioning of agrarian sector, fast publication of taken decisions and rendering them to the target audience, provision of objective scientific accurate information for the media market on agrarian problems.

This objective of the journal was supported with respective topics covered: generalization of ways and methods of the development of multistructural economy of the AIC, structural rebuilding of agro-industrial production, creation and development of market environment, reformation of land relations in rural agriculture, reforms of property relations, enhancement of production management structures, upgrading of price policy in the AIC, formation of financial credit policy and tax facilities system, social development of rural areas.

Since the first issues, the journal «The economy of the AIC» has covered the most topical economic problem of the time i.e. rational reformation of state agrarian sector of economy. The article of I.I. Lukinov, focused on reforms in agriculture as a component of economic system of the country, the role of the state for the sustainable development of the field evoked a wide response. There were also topical publications of O.M. Onyshchenko and V.V. Yurchyshyn on the development of the new (for the time) structure of agrarian relations that combined private ownership of land and property and private and collective forms of enterprising. The articles represented various aspects of reformation, different approaches towards evaluation of performance, but their common feature was fundamental character. Considering domestic and foreign experience and complex analysis of economic environment, the scollars foresaw the key components of future model of agricultural production such as shift to private and rental forms of enterprising in rural areas with augmenting role of the state on all levels for creation of favourable conditions for agrarian transformations.

The journal has been highlighting the problems of enhancement of agrarian reforms, development of new mechanisms of formation of efficient system of property, based on the market mechanisms. Specifically, the aspects of reformation of agrarian relations, substantiation of methodological and methodical principles of monetary valuation of land were studied in publications by V.Y. Mesel-Veseliak and M.M. Fedorov.

Among the key publications on managerial and economic support of the process of reformation there were articles of: M.Y. Malik - the problems of formation of new forms of management, O.V. Krysalnyi - enhancement of state policy of the field, О.M. Shpychak, B.Y. Pashaver - change of pricing mechanism within the framework of shift to marketing development, М.Y. Demianenko, V.H. Tkachenko - functioning of financial subsystem of the brunch, М.F. Kropyvko - dataware for the agro-industrial production, V.S. Shebanin – priorities of the agrarian education and other.

The feedback of the studies of scholars on the levels of state policy and applied agriculture was represented by the publications of statesmen who were in charge of the development of agrarian sector, in particular such personalities as L.D. Kuchma, E.K. Marchuk, P.T. Sabluk, P.I. Haidutskyi, M.V. Zubets, Y.M. Karaasyk and others.

The journal has been also publishing the data of all-Ukraine meetings of agrarians, conferences of NGO in the AIC. It provided the complex info coverage of agrarian changes and transformations due to the practical demands.

As the economy of the country had passed the stage of active reformation the journal «The economy of the AIC» has focused on the highlighting the problems of development of economic tools and instruments for the functioning of the brunch, formation of economic mechanism of agricultural enterprises, social and economic aspects of the development of rural areas, etc. Such reorientation caused change of the structure of the journal, in 2000 such columns as «Financial relations, Credits and Tax Policy», and «Accounting and Audit» were launched, in 2003 the «Pricing and Price Policy» column was started.

The year 2010 brought drastic change to the journal as the columns were diversified and specified that provided higher level of contents` flexibility, new columns were started in order to cover new topical lines of research.

Nowadays the journal highlights current economic problems and challenges of the AIC, it considers historical, theoretical and methodological aspects of the development of the field, covers fundamental and applied studies of formation and reforms of agrarian policy, economy of agro-industrial production, performance of accurate development strategy of agrarian sector of economy, successful sustainable introduction of reforms, efficient formation of competitive innovative agrarian production, steady export potential and stable national food safety.

There are special columns highlighting development of agrarian sectors of foreign countries. The significant number of publications is focused on ways of efficient management of rural households and enterprises as land proprietors and owners, the guidelines for enhancement of their economic level.

«The young scientist`s page» is a topical column that provides young researchers with a possibility to present their researches and achievements to the vast audience. For the time being this column has published approximately 200 articles of young scientists from various Ukrainian and international scientific and educational institutions.

Within the period of 20 years there were published 235 issues, with general circulation of the journal of 193 thousand copies, 6,3 thousand articles of 7873 authors were published. The journal has published articles by 193 world-known foreign authors. Among them there are Abalkin L.I., Husakov V.G., Kaliev G.A., Moldashev A.B., Ushachiov I.G. and others.

Among the members of the Editorial Board and the Editorial Committee there are 26 doctors of economy, including 5 scholars from foreign countries: Russia, Poland, Israel, Hungary, Germany.

The journal is recognized by the world scientific community. In 2011 it was registered at the International Centre of periodicals (ISSN International Centre), in 2013 it has successfully entered 6 international catalogues and scientific databases. According to the results of annual report IndexCopemicusMasterList (Poland)-2012 it keeps the 3rd rate, and due to GoogleScholar 100 most-cited editions Top list (the USA), April 2013, it keeps 2nd line among scientific periodicals of Ukraine.

The journal is included into the List of Periodicals of Ukraine and it is available for subscription from the Catalogue of journal subscriptions of Ukraine (index number 74161).

The journal is included into renewed the List of Scientific Economic Professional Editions of Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine with title «International scientific and production journal «The economy of the AIC» (Bulletin of the Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine №1-05/6 of 6.10.2010).

The journal successfully meets all challenges of modern competitive market of scientific periodicals, and remains topical spearheading edition with high circulation, meeting needs and demands of readers and subscribers. Thanks to highly professional team of Editorial Board, Editorial Committee, professional authors the journal is in permanent progress providing informational support for market changes in the agrarian sphere of the national economy.

The achievements of the International scientific research and production journal «The economy of the AIC» were recognized by the state, in 2004 it was awarded a Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and an award plate, in 2014 – a Diploma of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, it was also awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Food and Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

The International scientific research and production journal «The economy of the AIC» enters its new decade as a modern edition in progress that meets challenges and addresses topical problems. Currently, the Editorial Board is determined to preserve the scientific fundamental and applied research as key lines of the journal that provides a platform for exchange of scientific theoretical and practical knowledge of enhancement of enterprising as well as practical demands and current problems between the target audience of scholars and entrepreneurs, peasants and managers; the journal is also aimed at the development of active international cooperation.

Among the guidelines for the further development of the journal there are such goals as: to highlight problems of modern economical theory and economics, to provide profound analysis of world experience of agrarian enterprising in the sphere of agrarian industry, to cover formation of new models of the development of agrarian enterprises, rural areas and others.

The Editorial Board always welcomes new authors, original publications, interested readers and experts.

Yurii O. Lupenko, Editor-in-Cheif International scientific research and production journal «The economy of the AIC»