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Agrarian management and entrepreneurship

Analytical provision of anti-crisis management of agricultural entities Establishment and development of family farming in Poland: experience for Ukraine Development of private peasant households and their transformation into family farms Methodological foundations for management decisions as a tool for effective enterprise management Practice of crisis management in agricultural enterprises Ecological components and instruments of implementation of social responsibility to agrobusiness enterprises Social capital in the self-regulation mechanism of entrepreneurial activity in agriculture Evaluation of prospects for agricultural enterprises’ competitiveness Indicators of productivity and competitiveness of agrarian enterprises in a system of integral effectiveness Formation of internal economic mechanism for development of organizational and legal forms of agricultural enterprises Development of family farms in region Self-employment and development of non-agricultural entrepreneurship in rural areas Viticulture and winemaking industry of Ukraine as a promising trend of agribusiness Economic development of agrarian enterprises on basis of diversification of its activities Investment maintenance for agricultural enterprises development Corporate social responsibility of vertically integrated entities as a condition of sustainable development Evaluation of investment attractiveness of agricultural enterprises Agrarian management in the agrobusiness system Express diagnosis of internal social efficiency of agricultural enterprises: methodical provision Development of transport logistics in agricultural enterprises of the western regions of Ukraine Marginal product of labour as a criterion of efficiency for labor pricing in agricultural enterprises Human-centric approach in managing competitiveness of agricultural enterprises Algorithmizing of an efficiency estimation’s procedure in agricultural enterprises by the DEA method Management mechanisms for marketing in agricultural enterprises in the grain market Adaptation of enterprises of the dairy product subcomplex of Ukraine to the international standards of quality and safety of food: normative-legal and statistical aspects Formation and functioning of the sunflower market in Ukraine Modelling of consumption of meat products as basis for a formation of strategies and marketing complexes for meat processing enterprises Preconditions of usage of thefractal approach in agribusiness organization Optimization decisions of the organization of agribusiness production Features of farm functioning under conditions of a competitive environment Organizational transformations of the agrarian business in Ukraine Methodical approaches to evaluation of entrepreneurship efficiency in agrarian sphere Social capital in forming of entrepreneurial network in the agricultural sector of Ukraine The entrepreneurial model of rural development Social responsibility of business entities within the framework of activity of food enterprises Competitiveness of products of agricultural enterprise in the context of informational support The ownership relations in the agricultural entrepreneurship development Decision-making mechanism in the management of vertical integration processes in agribusiness Benchmarking is a perspective management tool of adaptation process of the agricultural enterprises in the conditions of the world food market Modeling of decisions made by a member of the servicing cooperative in the system of modification and logistics of grain storage On risk management of production plans of agricultural enterprises On the problem of the development of methodology for determining the effectiveness of the functioning of enterprises on the agricultural market as precondition for occurrence of synergistic effect Marketing as management system of ‘production and sales’ activity of agrarian enterprises Economic efficiency of grain production and ways of its enhncement on agricultural enterprises The theoretical foundations of the vertically-integrated structures in the agricultural sector Devlopment of alternative forms of investment into upgrade of technical and technological base of logistics systems State support for insuring of economic resistance of agricultural enterprises Clusters as a form of enterprise's competitiveness management Social aspects of management of agrarian enterprises Competitiveness support LTD "Galicia-West" within the framework of external integration of Ukraine