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Agrarian policy and reformation

Problems of land relations modernization in Ukraine Development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine's economy under European integration Economic calculations of the potential of renewable bioenergy production in formation of energy independence of the agro-industrial complex Diversification of labor potential use of rural areas Positives and negatives of the agrarian system of Ukraine Agricultural transformations and peasant farms in the food security system of Ukraine Rural proofing: the European policy and guidelines for Ukraine Community supported agriculture as a new model of social collaboration between producer and consumer Agrarian policy and factors for its implementation Assessment of conformity of land relations to the level and nature of the productive forces’ development Institutional environment and forming of social responsibility in agrarian enterprises Models for regulating the market turnover of agricultural land in the European Union Informal institutions of the peasantry in modeling of reforms and agrarian policy: theory and practice State system of protection of rights on plant sorts on the modern stage: establishment and development Methodical approaches to the definition of an integral indicator of food security Increasing of competitiveness of the agrarian enterprises in terms of European integration Food security of Ukraine in modern trends of the world economy Economic policy of the state on solving socio-economic contradictions of agrarian sector Rural development in terms of decentralization the authority The main directions of sustainable rural development of the Republic of Azerbaijan State and prospects of sustainable rural development Priority directions for increasing of the efficiency and sustainability of development of the AIC of Belarus Agroholdings of Ukraine: agrarian policy and future challenges Land relations and financial aspects of their development Institutional conditions of innovation transfer to agriculture and rural areas in Poland Scientific agro-economic researches for the benefit of activation of AIP growth and rural areas Strategic vision of the agricultural order of Ukraine Economic aspects of transformation of agricultural production in Ukraine Agricultural land market in Ukraine: state and prospects of its implementation Development of agricultural entrepreneurship in terms of institutional transformation Land reform: problems and prospects of development of agrarian economy Theoretical basis of land relations regulation in the Ukraine Time and space foundations of the agrarian reformation 60 years at the frontiers of agrarian economics Objective prerequisites for formation and functioning of the National Scientific Centre “Institute of Agrarian Economics” Reform of the system of agricultural sector in terms of decentralization of power and development of integration processes The theoretical framework of ruralistics: notions and categories The development of the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine by implementing national fashion brands and models of competitiveness in a globalized world Conceptual framework of the platform “Agro-techno-polis” of innovative and investment development of science-driven agrarian sphere Development of agroindustrial production of Ukraine: tasks and challenges Enhancement of the state management of economic interests of the agrarian sphere Investment into modernization of reclamation waterworks Capitalisation of agrarian sector of Ukrainian Structural rural reforms: world experience, Ukrainian realia New methodological approaches towars enhancement of pecuniary valuation of agricultural land Anticrisis prospects of agroindustrial complex Institutionalism as a scientific platform for enhancement of the state agrarian policy Organisational and management transformations in irrigation agriculture The institutional basis of agricultural policy: the Ukrainian realities and US & EU experience Agrosphere: tendencies and development prospects