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Rural development and rural social sphere

Features of the role of a rural woman in family Agrotourism as a tool for diversification of activities of agrarian entities Migration processes as a consequence of negative trends in rural women's lives Reproduction of labour inequality of rural and urban youth: causes and ways to overcome them Rural territories as an object of management in the context of their legislative interpretation Current state and development trends of the agrarian labour market Parametrization of the evaluation of prospects for development of rural areas of different types Merger of territorial communities in Ukraine: perspectives and risks for rural development Economic approach to human capital formation in management system of rural areas Role of the gender factor in the countryside Territorial imbalance in life of rural women Rural development in terms of decentralization Social responsibility in context of forming of strategic development of the modern agricultural business Analysis of unemployment levelin Ukraine: problems and ways of its solving Business diversification in rural areas: international experience Development of the agricultural land market through a mechanism of land consolidation Rural unemployment as a crisis uncertainty for rural women Methodological principles of differentiation of rural areas Methodical approaches to evaluation of the management strategy of enterprise personnel Scientific and organizational bases of improving the rural development strategy in terms of Eurointegration The methodological approaches to evaluation of the development efficiency of rural areas in terms of sustainability Essence of social capital and its features in the agrarian sphere Social and economic preconditions for a development of agrarian production in Ukraine Features of female labor as a human capital in the countryside Labour compensation as a socio-economic category and the main source of income of the population of Ukraine Gender problems of women in life of rural population Development of individual farms in terms of administrative decentralization The peculiarities of employment management for rural women within the system of employment market Methodological approaches to rural development based on decentralization Enterpreneurship and developemnt of rural territories Agricultural labour economy Theoretical methodological and organizational basis for the development of rural areas Modern features of motivation of labour in agricultural enterprises Problems of development of social infrastructure of rural territories Social and psychological factor in the life of rural women Reduction of the population in the rural territories of Ukraine within the framework of social and demographic crisis Agroeconomic, physioeconomic, socioeconomic and ruralistic approaches to the study of rural areas Pension reforms as the element of contemporary national pension system Social position of woman-peasant on the modern stage of development of rural territories Ways of enhancement of standard of life of rural population Organizational and economic basis of effective employment of rural population Problems of formation of social and economic environment for the Ukrainian village development Justification of the model of socio-economic development of rural territories The development of rural areas and village social sphere The development trends of rural households Decentralization of management – the path to sustainable rural development The modern tendencies of social development of rural areas Evaluation of regional common resources Evaluation of demographic situation in rural areas Theoretical aspects of social and economic forecasting