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Economics of agro-industrial production

Current challenges to the country's food supply Macroeconomic investment process in agriculture of Ukraine Prospects for the development of organic production in Ukraine under the European green deal Dairy subcomplex in the implementation of sustainable development goals Strategic management of hemp industry development Efficiency of grain production in Ukraine: analysis of the current state and prospects for improvement Investments as a basis for the growth of Ukrainian agricultural economy Development of the agricultural sector of Ukrainian economy in conditions of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic Prospects of grain production development in Kirovohrad region Regulation of the GM crops circulation in Ukraine: problems and ways to solve them Organisational and economic problems of milk production in Ukraine and their solutions Chemical reclamation of acid soils: organizational and economic measures and modern technological solutions Yield or profit: alternatives to the development of national crop production Assessment of the sheep industry development Development of agri-food products export in Ukraine Impact of COVID-19 on the agrarian sector and country’s food security Scientific and economic support of investment in the agricultural sector and its economic efficiency Assessment of the role and significance of the dairy subcomplex for solution of food supply and the national economy Association of producers as a tool of strategic development of medicinal plants in Ukraine Application of the DEA method to assess the agricultural sector development Evaluation and analysis of the efficiency of crop production in Ukraine by the DEA method Methodological aspects of determining the amount of losses of agricultural production in the withdrawal land for other purposes The influence of the level of production intensity on the formation of an effective cost structure in crop production Advisory support for organizational components of production management and bioethanol use Globalization of land use transformation: consequences and ways to prevent them Investment potential of the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine: formation and development Electronic auctions for the sale of land lease rights: new opportunities and risks Providing short-term financial resources to small agribusiness: empirical evidence from microfinance organizations Risk management of global climate change in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine The world seed market and the place of Ukraine in it Trends of the investment activities development in the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine Assessment of regional competitiveness of milk production in Ukraine Seed production efficiency and prospects for seed farming in Ukraine Agricultural structures, sustainability of food systems and land markets regulation Evaluation of the economic potential of the hemp production in Ukraine Soil protection: environmental rents as an incentive for organic farming Modern economic and ecological aspects of fertilizer application in the crop production Features of functioning of vertically integrated business structures of holding type in the agrarian sector Evolutionary fundamentals for the hemp production development in Ukraine Income distribution in agriculture in context of inclusive development Analysis and modelling of energy potential of plant residues of the domestic agrarian sector Theoretical basis of bioenergy in context of the energy conservation law Monitoring agricultural lands with the application of land remote detection systems Assessment and analysis of the efficiency of production of grain and leguminous crops in Ukraine by the DEA method Economic assessment of the viticulture industry potential in the region Development of biomass potential of by-products of agricultural crops in the agrarian sector of economy Regulatory policy of competitive biofuel production in Ukraine Structural transformations of the stockbreeding industry in context of the global food safety Scientific support for development of the organic agricultural production Agricultural land transactions: cluster analysis