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Economics of agro-industrial production

Agricultural structures, sustainability of food systems and land markets regulation Evaluation of the economic potential of the hemp production in Ukraine Soil protection: environmental rents as an incentive for organic farming Modern economic and ecological aspects of fertilizer application in the crop production Features of functioning of vertically integrated business structures of holding type in the agrarian sector Evolutionary fundamentals for the hemp production development in Ukraine Income distribution in agriculture in context of inclusive development Analysis and modelling of energy potential of plant residues of the domestic agrarian sector Theoretical basis of bioenergy in context of the energy conservation law Monitoring agricultural lands with the application of land remote detection systems Assessment and analysis of the efficiency of production of grain and leguminous crops in Ukraine by the DEA method Economic assessment of the viticulture industry potential in the region Development of biomass potential of by-products of agricultural crops in the agrarian sector of economy Regulatory policy of competitive biofuel production in Ukraine Structural transformations of the stockbreeding industry in context of the global food safety Scientific support for development of the organic agricultural production Agricultural land transactions: cluster analysis Development of foreign trade of agro-food products Biofuel production in Ukraine in context of optimal solution of energy problem Development of the cattle husbandry as a factor of social efficiency formation Achieving an equilibrium on the potential Ukrainian land market in terms of macroeconomic instability Global food security and Ukraine's place in its achievement Development of grape production in Ukraine Improvement of the state regulation model for monetary land evaluation Economic efficiency of rod-shaped millet (switchgrass) cultivation within the forest-steppe of Ukraine Milk production in Ukraine: trends and perspectives Strategy and priorities of development of the bioenergetics in Ukraine Factors and incentives of development of the organic segment of agrarian production in the world’s countries Production and distribution of milk by volume and quality and price features Essence of the cluster as the latest network organization of joint activities in agro-industrial production Regularities of development of agro-industrial production and the efficiency of its functioning Land relations: the search for a balance of interests between state regulation and neoliberalism Regional production of grain crops in agricultural enterprises of Ukraine Organizational and economic mechanism of production of prebasic spire cereal seeds Bakery industry of Ukraine: tendencies and problems of its development Trend analysis of development of the dairy cattle breeding in the dairy product chain Food security indicators in Ukraine: development trends Trends and peculiarities of development of dairy product subcomplex in Ukraine Development of raw material base of dairy product subcomplex of AIC of Ukraine Formation of highly productive dairy herds as a factor of increasing the milk production efficiency Milk sector development in the context of ensuring of food safety in Ukraine Trends and perspectives of development of personal peasant households Partnership symbiosis as an effective factor of ecological, social and economic system stability Prospects for development and increase of the competitiveness of the sheep breeding in Kherson region Food self-providing of the population of Ukraine Genetic resources of dairy cattle breeding in Ukraine Cost management of oil products and services payment of the third organisations in wheat production Ecological and socio-economic advantages of energy crops growing Natural and resource potential of the agrarian sector of Ukraine and its protection Land management of especially valuable agricultural lands as a basis of their rational usage