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Financial relations and accounting

Improvement of approaches to recognition and accounting of capital investments Managing the financial potential of the united territorial communities Forecasting trends and investments for the dairy industry and ensuring rational consumption of milk and dairy products by the population Prospective ways for financing catastrophic agricultural risks Valuation of non-material assets in agriculture Problems of optimization of credit support of operating expenses of agricultural enterprises Financial statements according to the international financial reporting standards: requirements and realities of implementation Decentralization as a motivator for extension of functions of the domestic institute of audit Financial potential of sustainable development of the agrarian sector Strengthening of the quality norms for accounting information and its role in land resources management Agro-insurance market in Ukraine: trends and prospects Objects of accounting and internal audit of innovation activity Investment activity of agricultural enterprises in Zakarpattia region Investment attractiveness of the agrarian sector of Ukraine: regional aspect Bank lending to agriculture in Ukraine Investment attractiveness of agriculture in Zakarpattia region Transformation of high-commodity private households into entrepreneurship subjects: tax and budget aspects Material and technical support of rural households Ways of improvement of material and technical base of hop entities Formation of investment resources in the Ukrainian economy in terms of globalization Methodological principles of formation of alternative investing mechanisms in the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economy Assessment of development of insurance potential of agricultural products in Ukraine Conceptual bases of reforming and development of the taxation system of agricultural producers Prospects for applying a reduced rate of value added tax on food products in Ukraine Methodological tools for impact assessment of economic growth indicators on the investment climate of the agricultural sector and the economy of Ukraine State regulation of insolvent agricultural enterprises The strategic analysis of financial potential of the flour-and-cereals industry’s enterprises Investment in human capital as the condition of innovation development of economy Methodological approaches and tools for assessment of the investment climate in agrarian sector of economy Financial capacity of enterprise as an economic category Efficiency of investment in growth of working capital of agricultural companies Evaluation of profitability as a precondition for granting state funding for the agricultural enterprises Formation of new financial management paradigm enterprises The evolution of accounting functions Scientific research of investment problems within the agrarian sector of economy Investment strategies for augmentation of the efficiency of resources potential of agrarian enterprises Insurance of environmental risks of agricultural activities in the system of environmental safety Conceptual foundations of formation of financial support of rural areas The interrelation of insurance interest and insurance protection under the balance of demand and supply at the agrarian insurance market Transformation of financial management of agricultural enterprises in conditions of contemporary challenges The problem of investment in Donbass agriculture VAT reformation in agriculture Changing trends of tax control over transfer pricing in agro-industrial complex Added value tax improvement at the vegetables growing enterprises Prospects of development of financial leasing in agriculture Foreign direct investments as the indicator of the investment attractiveness International analysis of the state financial support of agriculture producer The concept of forming the product of accounting in terms of agricultural business management Potential sources of measures financing for reproduction of soil fertility Influence of social and economic institutes on the development of auditing and internal audit of innovative activity