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Innovative activity and intellectual capital

Indicative assessment of the innovative development effectiveness of entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector of the economy Initial marketing analysis methodics of competitors sites in the process of promotion scientific and innovative products Potential directions of financial stimulation of development of scientific and innovative clusters The effectiveness of innovative activities of the food industry in the system of sustainable development goals of the country Methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the scientific and innovative cluster Stimulating the production of niche crops in Ukraine based on fastplant technologies State regulation and support agrarian innovations in Ukraine Innovation and investment support for the development of agriculture in Ukraine The state of innovation and information development of agro-industrial enterprises Formation of varietal plant resources and their role for the seed production development Management of human capital development in ensuring rural population quality of life Innovative agroclusters as a form of integration scientific and educational activities and business Innovative industrialization in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine Food loss as an indicator of the balance of innovation in the food chain Benchmarking as an innovative tool for the financial activity of the rural green tourism enterprises Seeds and planting material as an innovative crop product Innovation provision of the agrarian sector of economy: state analysis Innovative paradigm of economic security of regions in the competitive environment of agribusiness subjects Formation of social responsibility in agrarian higher education institutions of Ukraine Improvement of institutional support of innovation and investment activity in Ukraine Maximum yield or profitability: priorities for choice in conditions of innovative development Implementation of a science-based system for assessing the scientific and technological potential of NAAS’ research institutions in context of the European integration Human capital as a factor for economic growth Commercialization of seed industry in Ukraine and other countries’ experience Priorities of state regulation of innovation modernization of the water management complex of Ukraine Prospects for formation of cluster structure in the veterinary pharmacy of Ukraine Innovative factors and competitiveness of the dairy cattle industry Innovation activity of enterprise based on outsourcing and business modeling Prospects for using “blockchain” technology in agriculture Distribution of agrarian novations in the context of effective branch growth Experience of commercial seedling and payments for the use of intellectual property Valuation of sugar beet hybrids as objects of intellectual property Theoretical basis of formation and realization of innovation potential in economic development Economic and mathematical support of innovative management in agricultural enterprises State support of innovation as a basis for development of viticulture and wine subcomplex Assessment of the agricultural innovations institute efficiency: methodical approach The effectiveness of management decisions in terms of labor intellectualization Factors of innovative competitiveness of the food industry in the context of globalization Innovative activity: theoretical and methodological approaches towards formation of an accounting entity Innovative and investment development of agroindustrial production within the framework of food security The essence of innovative economic development of rural territories Innovative investment approach towards formation and enhancement of competitivness of animal products The methodological approach to the realization of innovative business strategies Ways of increasing of innovation activity in small entrepreneurship Agrarian science within the framework of innovative development of agrarian production The problems of formation of the intellectual property market in the agricultural sphere Features innovative software development investment in agricultural production Innovative and technological progress of animal husbandry as a foundation for food security Conceptual foundations of creation of the technological platform of innovative AIC development “Agrotechnopolis” The development of innovation-oriented swine breeding: conceptual approach