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Institutional problems of the development of the agrarian sphere

State policy in the field of implementation of bioenergy technologies in the context of its regulatory and legal support Institutional factors in the development of labour productivity in agricultural entrepreneurship Agricultural land use management in the context of nonlinear approach Choice of model of agrarian system of Ukraine as the basis of comprehensive sustainable rural development Corruption risks in the sphere of land relations and directions of their minimization Public interests and human rights under the agricultural land market turnover: an experience for Ukraine Regulation of land relations: the regulatory aspect in terms of modern legislative changes Assessing motivative factors in the agricultural entrepreneurship development Theoretical and methodological approaches to the development of an institutional model of the agricultural sector financial support Organizational and institutional support for sustainable development of entrepreneurship in agriculture Formation of institutional components of cooperative development of alternative energy in the agricultural sector of economy Formation of component determinants of the institutional environment of the economy of Ukraine Social responsibility of business: institutional approach Formation of organizational and economic model of family farming in Ukraine: institutional foundations, problems and priorities Institutional problems of development of market-oriented land relations in agriculture Organizational fundamentals of functioning of the entrepreneurship institute in economy Institutional analysis of entrepreneurship development in the agrarian sector of economy: methodical aspect Perspectives and trends of institutionalization of family farmers in the market mechanism Institutional problems of land property commerce of land plots (land shares) Institutional formalization for development of family farms in Ukraine Institutional environment of productivity’s management in the agrarian sector of the economy Normative and legal provision of rural development management Institutionalization of family farms in social and economic environment Transformation of land ownership relations in the agrarian sector of economy Institutional components in system of balanced use of land-resource potential Integration of education, science and production in the knowledge economics of the agrarian sector “Cross compliance” as an institutional norm for ensuring of ecological agriculture in the European Union Development of institutes of the agro-food sector of economics Institutional management of agrarian business entities Institutional capital as a development construct of the agrarian market Institutional and business reforms of integration of economic entities: theoretical and functional framework Formation and institutionalization of social capital in the development of agricultural enterprise: methodological aspects of evaluation Institutional aspects of transformation of amortization policy in agriculture The institutional orgnanisation of the system of state regulation of innovative development of agricultural sector The interactive model of the institutional support of the innovative activity in agrarian production Institutional background of the development of small agricultural entrepreneurship Institutional framework of innovative activity in the agrarian sphere Institutional framework of formation of social capital within the mechanism of the development of rural territories The insitutional platform for innovative investmen activity within agro-industrial prodction of Ukraine The perfection of the institutional infrastructure and its assessment: theoretical aspect Institutionalization of corporate processes in agrarian sphere Theoretical patterns and lines for transformation of private farms The institutes and institutions within the framework of the development of the integrational process in Ukraine Institutionalizing of the effective functioning of the agricultural market Third sector organizations in rural development: a transaction cost perspective