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Problems of the economic theory

Organization, organizing, administration Theory of essence of the definition "rural areas" Food systems formation: theoretical and essential aspects Conceptual principles of a bio-oriented economy in the context of sustainable development Problems and instruments of state organizational and economic support of the circular economу development The concept of a circular economy in the context of sustainable development Theoretical principles of entrepreneurship development Conceptual aspects of the experience economy in context of land use Bioplastics production for circular economy and sustainable development promotion Model of competitive support for the development of agricultural enterprises: theoretical and methodological aspect Conceptual bases for preserving and renewing stability of national ecosystems Formation of a basic terminology in the organic sector of agriculture Methodological bases for effectiveness evaluation of the irrigation agriculture Methodical approach to assessing competitiveness level of agricultural enterprises Theoretical essence of “energy efficiency” and “energy efficiency in the crop production” categories Components and priorities of sustainable development of the agrarian sector of the economy: conceptual and theoretical discourse The origin and evolution of the concept of “sustainable development” Bioeconomy and its role in the development of modern society Justification of possible ways of the market economy development On the prospects of minimization of crisis in development of market economy Theoretical basis of geo-economics About essence of industrial relations in market economy terms Ukraine’s GDP forecast due to the neural networks Analysis of the labour safety of Ukraine within the framework of ILO methodology Triad “knowledge - information - up-to-date knowledge” as basic vector of modern society Interpretation of the notions «administration» and «management» and abstracting of them form the field of agrarian economy On the content and correlation of certain agricultural definitions State regulation of economy and its impact on the country's economic reforms Theoretical bases and grounds of definition are a «market of agricultural produce» Physical and Economic Grounds of the National Agricultural Strategy The theoretical aspects of the social-production system of employment of rural population To the problem of forming of modern model of marketing in Ukraine Shadow economy: structure, content and functioning The agricultural economy: the science and its modern paradigm Theoretical aspects of improvement of land relations under current management conditions