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Scientific discussion

Structural and functional principles of entrepreneurship development in rural areas Socio-economic factors of academic mobility in the formation of competitiveness of representatives of a scientific and educational society Global climate crisis and its impact on the development of the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy Non-oil export challenges of oil countries in case of Azerbaijan Development of farms in the organizational and economic support of employment of the population Prospects for climate change on Earth Сonceptual assessment of the implementation of the principles of inclusive rural areas development with the participation of agroholding integrated formations Challenges and possible solutions problems of labor migration of the rural population Transfer of energy inefficiency: cheap hydropower at the expense of farmers Management practice peculiarities of public relations research Strategic approaches to investing in the agricultural sector of Ukraine in modern conditions of agro-industrial complex development Strengthening state influence on ensuring sustainable development of entrepreneurship in agriculture Social capital of the agricultural sphere: theoretical concept of evaluation of formation and functioning Application of the framework method of transformation audit methodologies for ensuring sustainable deve-lopment of rural areas Formation of indices and indicators of sustainable development of entrepreneurship in agriculture: theoretical and methodological approaches The formation of macroeconomic proportions in the new economic conditions Methodical bases for assessing the viability of enterprises Water management in Ukraine: peculiarities and prospects of development Paradigm of the functional approach to manifestations of risk in performance of enterprises under market conditions Methodological approaches and applied evaluations of inclusive rural development Organizational-economic socialization of entrepreneurship under the conditions of economic transformation Conceptual and methodical bases for the evaluation of organizational and economic socialization of rural entrepreneurship Urgent steps for consideration when implementing market land relations Theory and methodology of cluster development of agro-industrial complex Fundamentals of environmental and economic security of the agro-industrial complex in terms of sustainable development: theoretical-conceptual aspects Prospects for development of energy cooperatives in the countryside Assessment of the current state and directions of the development of united territorial communities in terms of decentralization Conceptual foundations of effective functioning of energy independent rural areas Organizational and economic aspects of agricultural sector development on basis of the “green economy” Theoretical and practical foundations of creating energy independent rural territories Economical aspects of agricultural enterprises’ functioning Pecularities of structural changes in the economy of Ukraine Methodical tools for reengineering of the institutional structure of the national economy`s agrarian sector General logic and principles of modeling of managerial decisions control Research methodology in the context of graduate works and dissertations in economics Information on activity of the Council of Young Scientists of the NSC “Institute of Agrarian Economics” The conceptual aspect of scientific research methodology Evaluation of competitiveness of cattle breeding products The immeasurable greatness of the academician, full member of NAS of Ukraine Oleksii Musiiovych Onyshchenko within the time perspective Aspects of managerial activity within the framework of theory of agrarian management Quasi-holdings: formation and legal grounds The essence of the agricultural land market: theoretical aspects Economic and institutional relations inconsistencies in the food chains under devaluation processes: guidelines and solutions To the methods of assessing the level of food security Modern requirements for the instruments of agricultural economics and practice Management of common resources in rural areas: in the field of Nobel Laureate’ research The paradigm of determination of regularities of dairy cattle-breeding The brand "the breadbasket of Europe": Myth or Reality Agrifood sphere of Ukraine as an object of national security The problems of statistic evaluation of innovative activity of the AIC