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Scientific support of development of the agro-industrial complex

The principal contradictions of the organizational and economic mechanism for the development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine and ways to resolve them Scientific support of the organization of state regulation of seed production development in Ukraine Scientific research in the field of land relations: evolution of development and development prospects Agrarian reform in Ukraine, its scientific support, effectiveness Ensuring food security amid the spread of COVID-19 Theoretical and methodological support of economic development of agricultural sector and rural areas Scientific substantiation of innovative development in the agricultural sector Methodical approaches to the definition of monetary valuation of land Foreign economic activity and the performance of the agricultural sector of Ukraine's economy The system of credit guarantees as a tool to increase financing for small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises Raw material orientation of the agricultural sector and its socio-economic consequences for Ukraine Transformation of organizational and legal forms of agriculture from multistructure to latifundation Theoretical basis and methodological approaches to formation of a strategy for managing the efficiency of farming investments Improvement of state management for development of the agricultural sector of the economy and rural territories of Ukraine Development of cooperation in the energy sphere of organizational and economic socialization of entrepreneurial management in the rural area The analytical potential of the abstract-logical research method in the field of agricultural policy Land reform: current problems and solutions Decentralisation is the way to rural development in Ukraine Forms of innovative activization of agrarian entrepreneurship in terms of digital transformation of the economy Neoliberal approaches to forming a market model of land circulation: inflated expectations and reality Mission of the institute of accounting in capitalizing the national wealth and promoting sustainable development of Ukraine Formation of sustainable village settlement network and united territorial communities Investment provision of innovative development of Ukrainian agriculture Scientific and methodical provision for development of agricultural economics in Ukraine Models of turnover of agricultural land: results of questionnaires Dual form of education in the training of highly qualified specialists for the agrarian sphere of Ukraine On the results of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine in 2017 and the main tasks for the future Features of strategic planning of rural territorial community development Dual form of education in the training of highly qualified specialists for the agrarian sphere of Ukraine Modeling of socio-economic relations in scientific research processes Scientific support of technical and technological renewal of agricultural production in Ukraine Agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine in terms of institutional changes On the results of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine in 2016 and the main tasks for future (report at the General Meeting NAAS) Scientific basis of introducing market circulation of agricultural land Integration of agricultural education, science and production is the basis of modern training of personnel for agro-industrial complex Agricultural synoptic-conjunctural institute within the framework of progress and development of agrarian economics of Ukraine Agrarian economic science address modern challenges On the performance results of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine within 2011-2015 and principal future perspectives Taxation of agriculture in terms of transformation of special tax regimes Classificaiton of methods of scientific research on the level of business entties of agri-business On innovative reformation of agrarian science Transformation and adjustment of the agrarian sector of economy to the challenges of market economy The innovative priorities of the agrarian sphere of Ukraine Credit factor of the sustainable devlopment of agrarian sector of Ukraine Scientific support of innovative development of agribusiness is a priority of the agricultural university Economic studies within the framework of development of agro-industrial brunch Annual report - 2013 «On the fundamental results of scientific research of the NSC «The Institute of Agrarian Economy», future objectives and prospects» Conceptual framework and efficient development priorities of agrarian university