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Management and informational support

Digitalization and digital platform in the economic development of the agricultural sector The structure of agro-industrial enterprises management in the context of the information technology development Analysis of the peculiarities of the market demand of agricultural producers for advisory services in Ukraine Clusters as an innovative organizational and economic form of efficient agricultural production in the system of sustainable development Genesis and development of agricultural advisory services in Ukraine Ways of digital transformation of agricultural advisory in Ukraine Econometric analysis of the impact of economy digitalization on agricultural production development Improvement of planning of economic activity of agricultural enterprises Systematisation of methods on information provision of enterprise management Information provision in advisory using modern innovative Internet technologies Problems and prospects of using internet-technologies in agricultural enterprises Characteristics of key subjects of information and consulting activities in Ukraine Information resources in the providing sales of small-scale production Management of competitiveness of livestock products in agricultural enterprises of Ukraine SWOT and PESTEL analysis of the current status of land relations in Ukraine Methodology for developing of strategic agricultural development programs Productivity and competitiveness management in agrarian enterprises in the context of socio-economic development goals Arranging statistical information on production of solid biofuel by agricultural and wood-processing enterprises Usage of modeling in the management of agricultural enterprises System approach to agricultural enterprises management Efficiency of the information-analytical model for regulation of agricultural enterprises’ economic activity Information and analytical model for organization of economic activity of agricultural enterprises Methodology of management of sustainable development of the agri-food sphere of the region in terms of decentralization Control of business activity to ensure effective farm management Management of sales activity of agricultural enterprises in transactional measurement Phenomenon of management and systematization of management knowledge in AIC Improvement of dataware of ecologically safe agricultural land tenure Development of institutionalism in management system Information support of agricultural entrepreneurship Information thechnology and support of agricultural service cooperation in Ukraine Power management for agrarian production Business management of agrarian enterprises and sales policy Integral evaluation of management generation of profits from sales in the agricultural enterprises Motivation of the employees within the framework of efficient management of agricultural enterprises Evaluation of economic criteria of efficient managemnt of the agro-industrial enterprise Problems of efficient management of agricultural enterprises Formation of the efficient system of administration of innovative and investment activity of agricultural enterprises The criterion of reconciling the interests of workers and owners in the evaluation of the effectiveness of management of agricultural enterprises Competitiveness management of agrarian enterprises The information security management in fruit and vegetable processing enterprises Virtual communications and their influence on efficiency of an activity of agricultural entities The conceptual framework of risk protection management of enterprises Management of soil calcium balance basing on use of contemporary IT technology Transparency as a systemic and functional phenomenon of democratic management principle of agricultural service cooperative Resource concept in strategic management systems Management of the fisheries of Ukraine: stages of reformation and modern state policy Analytical monitoring within the framework of functioning of the information and analytical system management of enterprises Distributive information centers in the provision of dataware of agricultural enterprises Intraeconomic control within the framework management of enterprises