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Imperatives of formation of the organizational mechanism efficient operation of milk processing enterprises Ways to increase profits from the export of Ukrainian corn on the world market E-governance of the economy of the future: world experience and prospects of Ukraine Classification of financial instruments: accounting and control aspect Methodical approaches to the assessment of financial risks of the agricultural sector Metrics of efficiency indicators of state support for small entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector Methodological provisions of rural development in the context of the functioning of united territorial communities Theoretical foundations of rural development Theoretical aspects of the essence of bank credit and features of credit relations in the agricultural sector of the economy The essence and goals of state support for small and medium entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector Analysis of the influence of factors of innovative activity of agro-industrial complex enterprises on the stability of their economic development State regulation of entrepreneurship development in the agricultural sector Entrepreneurship development in agriculture of Ukraine Quality is a key indicator of efficiency of brewery barley production Assessment MENA countries potential for dairy products export Methodological approaches to assessing the needs of investments of agricultural enterprises for new technology Organizational and structural aspects of the formation of the economic efficiency of agricultural enterprises Budgeting as a component of the formation of management decisions for agricultural enterprise State of development of service agricultural cooperation in Ukraine Assessment of the state of innovative development of agriculture based on institutional analysis of its high-tech sphere State support for entrepreneurship development in the agrarian sector of the economy Improvement of accounting and analytical providing of capital investments in agricultural enterprises The main factors in the modernization of hop enterprises Foreign experience of state regulation of agricultural entrepreneurship Organizational-economic mechanism of the use of benchmarking in the activities of agricultural enterprises Specificity of the discount rate application for agricultural business valuation Entrepreneurship: an essence and development features in the agrarian sector Ecological and economic optimization of small bioenergy development Ways for improving management of marketing activities of agricultural enterprises Forestry use in the Zhytomyr region territories affected by the Chernobyl accident Marketing management as an instrument for increasing competitiveness of agrarian enterprises Economic incentives for the rational use of agricultural land Conceptual framework for the formation of a strategy for overcoming barriers for enterprises’ entry into new foreign markets Determinants for demand formation in the market of agrotechnological service Transformation of accounting profession in terms of management digitalization Assessment of transformational trends for the labor market in rural areas Marketing analysis of the organic agri-food market in the EU countries and Ukraine Improvement of organizational and economic mechanism for the provision of agricultural protection with technical means Partial-equilibrium analysis of the Ukrainian sugar policy Challenges of agricultural land use considering a factor of the land market formation Evaluation of agricultural entities’ activity in Lviv region State support of agriculture in Ukraine Lease land relations in the agriculture of Zhytomyr region Theoretical and methodological approaches to economic essence of financial potential of the sustainable development of united territorial communities Unresolved issues of financial provision of the agrarian sector of the state economy Theoretical and methodical approaches to functioning of the agricultural sector in terms of geo-economics Integrated reporting: concept and economic substance Cooperation in the sphere of grape production and processing deepening Supply formation on the grapes market by agricultural enterprises of Ukraine Modern trade barriers on the European meat products market