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Foreign experience in development of agrarian production

Bio-oriented economy development: EU experience Leadership in the role of motivators and creators of employees performance The comparative study of Iran's export of nuts and dried fruits with rival countries: USA, China and Turkey Methodical approaches to the identification of rural areas: world practice The concept of market turnover of agricultural land Family wineries as a basis for European integration in the winemaking industry of Ukraine Development of commercial horticulture in conditions of the European integration processes Current problems of the agricultural market and development prospects on an example of the Republic of Armenia Formation of the state support program for agricultural enterprises of Ukraine considering the world experience Development of family farms in Ukraine and foreign experience of their functioning Organizational and economic ensuring for the management of forestry lands: foreign and domestic experience Development of the food industry in Poland during the membership in the European Union The Polish food products on the foreign markets Market turnover of agricultural land in Israel Market turnover of agricultural land in USA Legal principles of regulation of organic production in EU countries Regulation of the market turnover of agricultural land in Poland European practices of supporting the sustainable rural development in terms of land relations improving Private households: a disappearing remnant of the past or a way to the future Comparative evaluation of the Polish dairy industry against countries of European Union Price formation on agricultural land in the Czech Republic Current state and development perspectives of the agrarian sector of the Republic of Armenia Modern paradigm of Common Agricultural Policy of the EU as counteraction to global challenges and disintegration Land management in the context of realization of European Union land cadastre policy Availability of food in terms of region World experience in improving of investment attractiveness of the agrarian sector of Ukraine Aspekts of the implementation of sustainable agriculture policy in the European Union Production and sale of organic products in the world Economic-financial Situation of the Sugar Industry in Poland Before the Removal of Sugar Production Quotas in the EU Economic meaning of the expanded reproduction in agriculture Vertically cooperated agro-industrial organizations in agro-industry of the Commonwealth of independent states Motivation for the efficient use of personnel of enterprise revenues Financial resources in the regulation of social and economic development of regions External markets and the Polish agri-food sector State regulation of agrarian sphere of the USA Farm food internet malls as networking partnerships The role of systems and evolutionary approaches to agricultural and rural policy measures: lessons from Lithuania The efficiency of beef production on agricultural enterprises The ways to recover economic depression of rural areas within the development system of regional AIC Prospects for the development of innovative activity in Azerbaijan Features of formation and implementation of regional innovation strategies in Azerbaijan Production and supply of pomegranate in Iran Role of competition policy in providing dynamic development of Azerbaijan Economic and organizational aspects of the transition to organic farming Factors affecting the farm sustainability in Lithuania Synergies of information systems in agriculture The topical problems of the augmentation of the efficiency level of the AIC of Belarus within the framework of acute competition on the global food market Agro-industrial complex of Russia within the framework of formation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and the WTO membership The investment climate as a key factor for investment in agriculture in the Republic of Azerbaijan Key lines of governmental support of agriculture in the Republic of Azerbaijan