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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents № 04 for 2013 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

The conceptual patterns of innovative and investment development /of the National Academy of agrarian sciences of Ukraine

Economics of agro-industrial production

Guidelines to reformation of the sugar industry of Ukraine and its adaptation to market conditions

Prospects of development of agricultural lands assessment and land assessment activities in Ukraine

Agrarian market

Estimating the degree of buyers’ market power: evidence from the Ukrainian meat processing industry (in English)

Price-formation and pricing policy

Agricultural enterprises price positioning on local and global grain markets

Financial relations and accounting

Methodological approaches towards the efficiency of investments attraction in agroformations

Accounting for transaction costs

Improving the tax regulation of agricultural activities (in English)

Agrarian management and entrepreneurship

The potential of Lviv within the framework of competitiveness

Innovative activity and intellectual capital

Development of agroinnovation activity in Ukraine

Foreign economic relations

The development of the domestic diry cattle-breeding within the context of global market trends

Institutional problems of the development of the agrarian sphere

The institutes and institutions within the framework of the development of the integrational process in Ukraine

Problems of the economic theory

The agricultural economy: the science and its modern paradigm

Young scientist’s page

The economic efficiency of production of livestock products on agrarian enterprises

The tariff rate protection of agri-food market of Ukraine and the terms of free trade area creation

Economic entities motivation for ecological production within the framework of the ecological programs in agriculture

Goodwill as a tool of business activity

Economic efficiency of organic production in PE «Agroecology»