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Contents № 09 for 2013 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

Educational research and production centre as a concept of a mechanism for transfer of agrarian production to innovative model of development

Economics of agro-industrial production

Rural households in the transformation of the agricultural sector

Assessment of fixed assets of agriculture within the framework of information support of state policy

The development of brewing raw materials basis in Ukraine

Evaluating the effectiveness of sugar beet production using basic functions

Financial relations and accounting

The state financial resources and their influence on the socioeconomic state of Ukraine

Methods of treasury service and their application for financing of agrarian enterprises

The investment process in Transcarpathian region: current state and peculiarities in the agrarian sphere of economy

The updates to the order of representation of components of personal capital in the financial statements

Agrarian management and entrepreneurship

The guidelines for improvement of sales management on agrarian enterprises

Rural development and rural social sphere

Classification of rural areas in the context of their development priorities: regional accents

Innovative activity and intellectual capital

Methods of scientific research in agricultural economics

Business and economic conditions implementing genomic evaluation of dairy cattle

Actual problems of dairy product subcomplex of Ukraine

Problems of the economic theory

The theoretical aspects of the social-production system of employment of rural population

Foreign experience in development of agrarian production

Ecological farming of Poland: trends, control and certification

Young scientist’s page

Influence of logistics on the development of dairy industry in Ukraine

The problems and prospects of Ukrainian milk-processing enterprises in modern terms

Economic efficiency of production and use of organic fertilizers of organic waste from poultry and livestock systems

Theoratical and methodical aspects of formation and regulation of the fruit and vegetable market

Formation of the production costs to the cost of fixed assets and depreciation policies in the agricultural sector

Optimization of channels promoting grain producers on the world market