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Contents № 11 for 2013 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

On the problem of systemic reorientation of the development of agrisphere on the foundations of socioeconomics

Economics of agro-industrial production

Small forms of agrarian production

Development of organic farming in Ukraine: ecological and socioeconomic effects

Status and prospects of flax production in Ukraine

The dairy production concentration in the system of the factors to increase its effectiveness

Agrarian market

To the problem of formation of the supply of winter rye on the market of crops

Development and functioning of the wholesale markets of agricultural products in Ukraine

Price-formation and pricing policy

Forming of price on organic productsForming of price on organic products

Financial relations and accounting

Monetary tools of stimulation of credit activity of commercial banks

Investment attractiveness of the agricultural sector in Ukraine: status and ways to enhance (in English)

The current state and the perspective of leasing in agriculture of Ukraine

Rural development and rural social sphere

Prospects of employment potential of agricultural enterprises of Zhytomyr region

Management and informational support

Management of the fisheries of Ukraine: stages of reformation and modern state policy

Foreign economic relations

Correlation between agrarian and regional policies as a precondition for acceleration for integration of Ukraine to the world economic community

The tariff quotas and taxes on agrarian products for creation of free trade zone for Ukraine and European Union

Foreign experience in development of agrarian production

The current experience of state support of agriculture in Russia

Young scientist’s page

The guidelines for rational allocation of budgetary funds for effective development of domestic agricultural producers

The influence of intellectual capital on the economic development of the agricultural sector

Cooperation as an institutional mechanism for the development of agricultural business (in English)

The study of dependence of profitability in barley production on economic indicators of agricultural enterprises (in English)