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Аграрна політика і реформування

On strengthening of organizational component in the field of management of agricultural economics / Sabluk P.T., Kurylo L.I. // Ekonomika APK. - 2013. - № 12 - P. 12

Organizational aspects of coverage of subjects of agricultural production, scientific research and educational institutions in the territorial and vertical transects through the establishment of centers of economic development of rural areas are revealed. Necessity of creation of such centers and their impact on making managerial decisions at the regional level are proved. Conducted researches prove the fact that distribution of scientific and innovation potential at the regional level is uneven. In accordance with conducting of rating estimation oblasts with maximum concentration of scientific and innovation potential in the agricultural sector have been revealed. According to produced researches, ir was proved that the creation of economic development`s centers will contribute to providing prompt information of the status of rural areas, the needs of industrial and social sectors in the country, taking into account regional characteristics, sustainable rural development in general. Figs.: 5. Refs.: 7.
Key words: economic center of development, scientific potential, innovative potential, agricultural economics, management, rural areas


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