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Contents for 2013 year

The influence of factors of production on the profitability of soybeans production in Ukraine

Small agricultural management forms and their solutions to the problem of sale of products

Natural resources potential of rural areas: challenges and prospects for the development of agricultural production

Production of bioethanol from sugar beets as a key factor of stabilization

Augmentation of milk production efficiency level on the innovative basis

Innovation and investment components of sustainable development of rural Cherkasy region

Efficiency increase of forage production on innovative principles

Theoretical aspects of improvement of land relations under current management conditions

Major problems of shadow wages in Ukraine

Direct and indirect effects of an increase in the yield of agricultural crops

The role of labour in small agricultural entrepreneurship

Fixed assets of agricultural enterprises: availability and backing

The problems of small power equipment market for farming enterprises

The conceptual patterns of innovative and investment development /of the National Academy of agrarian sciences of Ukraine

Guidelines to reformation of the sugar industry of Ukraine and its adaptation to market conditions

Prospects of development of agricultural lands assessment and land assessment activities in Ukraine

Estimating the degree of buyers’ market power: evidence from the Ukrainian meat processing industry (in English)

Agricultural enterprises price positioning on local and global grain markets

Methodological approaches towards the efficiency of investments attraction in agroformations

Accounting for transaction costs

Improving the tax regulation of agricultural activities (in English)

The potential of Lviv within the framework of competitiveness

Development of agroinnovation activity in Ukraine

The development of the domestic diry cattle-breeding within the context of global market trends

The institutes and institutions within the framework of the development of the integrational process in Ukraine

The agricultural economy: the science and its modern paradigm

The economic efficiency of production of livestock products on agrarian enterprises

The tariff rate protection of agri-food market of Ukraine and the terms of free trade area creation

Economic entities motivation for ecological production within the framework of the ecological programs in agriculture

Goodwill as a tool of business activity

Economic efficiency of organic production in PE «Agroecology»

Social networks and promotion of organic agrarian industry

Development of the oilseeds production and guidelines for enhancement of the efficiency level of their cultivation

On sustainable development of agricultural economy of the country and uses of natural resources

The efficiency of circulating assets in agriculture: theory, methodology, practice

Stratigic grounds for the development of system of pension insurance in Ukraine

Financial safety of agrarian enterprises is in system of corporate management

The development prospects for renewable power engineering in Ukraine

Priorities of farms investment activity (in English)

Farms development investment in Zakarpattya region

The aspects of synergetic approach of enterprise management in food industry

The theoretical basis and a model of the innovation process in the economy

Theoretical patterns and lines for transformation of private farms

Shadow economy: structure, content and functioning

To the problem of forming of modern model of marketing in Ukraine

The role of motivational factors within the process of increasing of volumes of agrarian production

Theoretical and practical issues of application of different cost of equity models

Theoretical basis of financial statement

Bank Lending of Small Agricultural Enterprises

Economic and environmental features of formation of energy crops market