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Розвиток сільських територій і соціальна сфера села

Scientific (economic) development centers of rural territories in management of agricultural economics / Sabluk P.T., Kurylo L.I. // Ekonomika APK. - 2014. - № 5 - P. 51

The article substantiates the necessity of creating of scientific (economic) centers for development of rural areas, these centres should cover business agrarian production entities, scentific reseach and educational institutions, on the regional (horisaontal) and state (vertical) levels. The main tasks and functions of these centers and their impact on decision-making at the regional level are defined. It is noted that the solution to this problem is application of results of the researches into practice and creation of conditions to attract potential for the existing regional education and science, and to strengthen their coordination. The article provides an example of the organizational structure of the Zhytomyr scientific (economic) center on the basis of scientific, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and business entities. It is defined that the regional level is the most close to agrarian producers so on this level it is possible and efficient to take into account the specifics, capabilities and resources, including financial, for modernization and introduction of innovations in agricultural production. Fig.: 2. Refs.: 7.
Key words: scientific (economic) development center, research potential, innovative potential, agricultural economics, management, rural areas


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