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The issue of domestic export strategy of agricultural products / Kyrylenko I.H., Demianchuk V.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2015. - № 1 - P. 21

Changes of types of domestic exports of main agricultural commodities (wheat, corn, barley, vegetable oils, beef, pork, poultry) over the past 14 years (2000 - 2013) have been studied. The results show that for increase of the profitability of domestic exports of agricultural products it is necessry to change the current model and, in general, the current strategy of agricultural exports considering processes that can take place in the global food market, as well as the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU. For this purpose, it is advisable to develop a new national concept of exports of agricultural products to next decade, that will be the basis for the development of public sector development program that, given the present global food market expectations, should be directed to the development of the meat and dairy production and to increase exports of the domestic food industry. Figs.: 8. Refs.: 5.
Key words: exports, strategy, agricultural commodities, possibilities of agriculture, grains, vegetable oils, beef, pork, poultry meat


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