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Зарубіжний досвід розвитку аграрного виробництва

The topical problems of the augmentation of the efficiency level of the AIC of Belarus within the framework of acute competition on the global food market / Saihanov A.S. // Ekonomika APK. - 2015. - № 1 - P. 84

The article covers the specifics of the large-scale modernisation of the material and technical base of the agrarian brunch, which takes place within the framework of enforcement of state programmes for agricultural development based on the state funding for business entities engaged in the agro-industrial complex. The essential role in this process is deligated to the enhancement of the food and social infrastructure of agriculture, including creation of the wide net of agrarian centers (‘agrarian towns’) that will provide considerable augmentation of satisfaction of needs in the spheres of housing and communal services, education, medicine, culture. The article subtantiates the acute necessity for increase of levels of economic efficiency and competitivenss of all agricultural and agro-industrial production, based on the gradual transfer to free prices; it is emphasised that it is essenitial to reduce the credit interest rates for agrarian producers to the level, economically reasonable for renewal of their investment resources and circulating assets. The article stresses the importance of such matters as deepening of the specialisation of agriculture in order to form cornel of future national agro-industiral complex that will be competitive and ready to meet the challenges of the global market; further modernisation of the processing industry; increase of volumes and efficiency of the foreign trade activity; enhancement of institutional chenges and developmet of property relations. Tabl.: 2. Refs.: 2.
Key words: modernisation, infrastructure, specialisation, investment resources, competition, food market


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