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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents № 03 for 2015 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

Directions of improvement of governance of agrarian sector in the context of decentralization of authority and deregulation of economic activity

Economics of agro-industrial production

Social and economic aspects of the development of the agro-industrial complex of production

The guidelines for the economic efficiency of production of oilseeds in the region

Multiplier effect of accretion of internal resources of agricultural production (=> )

Economic ground for technologies of plant biomass growing and processing into solid fuels

Financial relations and accounting

Revenue basis of rural budgets under conditions of fiscal decentralization in Ukraine

Operating leverage and production profitability: functional dependence (in English)

Agrarian management and entrepreneurship

Social responsibility of business entities within the framework of activity of food enterprises

Rural development and rural social sphere

Evaluation of regional common resources

Evaluation of demographic situation in rural areas

Management experience in the agrarian sphere

Institutional transformations and their impact on the investment attractiveness of agrarian enterprises

Young scientist’s page

Methodological and practical aspects of the analysis of incoming and outgoing cash flows of agrarian enterprises