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Contents № 04 for 2015 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

A factor of partnership in agrarian reformation

Economics of agro-industrial production

Selection and economic substantation of budget subsidies’ size for preserve the gene pool of local and endangered breeds of farm animals

To the problem of sugar beet seed growing

Methodological foundations of the strategy development of agro-industrial production within the framework of system analysis

Agrarian market

Marketing within the framework of increase of social responsibility of agrarian enterprises (=> )

Financial relations and accounting

Logistics expences on transformation and transaction in the crops and food subcomplex of AIC (=> )

Investment activity in the agricultural enterprises of Cherkassy region

Rural development and rural social sphere

The modern tendencies of social development of rural areas

Decentralization of management – the path to sustainable rural development

Innovative activity and intellectual capital

The development of innovation-oriented swine breeding: conceptual approach

Problems of the economic theory

Ukraine’s GDP forecast due to the neural networks

Foreign experience in development of agrarian production

Economic and organizational aspects of the transition to organic farming

Factors affecting the farm sustainability in Lithuania (in English)

Young scientist’s page

Support of the economic security of agararian enterprises within the framework of organic agriculture