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Аграрна політика і реформування

The necessity of structural reform in the agricultural sector / Kyrylenko I.H., Ivchenko V.Ye., Demianchuk V.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2015. - № 9 - P. 15

Tendencies of the development of agricultural production that took place in domestic agricultural enterprises and private households Ukraine within the period of 1990 - 2014 during the implementation of agrarian reform in Ukraine were studied. The results show that the continuation of the current model of agriculture Ukraine lead to further growth of imbalances, falling of profitability, further soil degradation, the destruction of rural settlement network, strengthening the "shadow" of domestic agricultural production and industry and can lead to the systemic crisis, which, in its turn, would threaten the food security of Ukraine. According tothe result of the research, the authours provide evaluation of the current state of the agricultural sector and suggest proposals for its long-term development, including the urgency of developing a long-term strategy for the agricultural development of the state policy of Ukraine aimed at reforming and innovative development of the two main components of the industry - agricultural enterprises and private households, protecting investors, development of small and medium entrepreneurship in agriculture. Figs.: 16. Refs.: 9.
Key words: agricultural sector, structural reform, agrarian reform, agricultural production, livestock, crops, private households, agricultural enterprises, innovative development


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