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Improvement of the bioeconomy development analysis instruments: European Union Projects and Germany experience / Talavyria M.P., Lymar V.V., Baidala V.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2015. - № 11 - P. 88

The main objective of the paper is determination of the direction of formation of analytical tools of bioeconomy based on the recommendations of the Bioeconomy Council and other European projects, which make it possible to improve the scientific bases of bioeconomy in Ukraine. The paper is focused on the study of the recommendations given Germany by the Bioeconomy Council concerning further bioeconomy development and analysis of results of some European projects at bioeconomy development. It is defined that the global challenges in food production and water and energy provision, these are extremely strong reasons why the political, scientific and business communities must engage immediately with the bio-economy. In such work the recommendations on bioeconomy development of Germany given by the Bioeconomy Council are analyzed. They are based on the creation of better structure for investigating and technological development and presenting products and processes on a market. It is studied the results of some European projects at bioeconomy development which allow assessing and directing campaign influence and other issues on the bioeconomy development, attracting society, business, politics and scientists. The elements of scientific novelty of this study are proposals for improving the analytic tools of bioeconomy based on the experience of EU countries, especially Germany, which should be used as a basis for the development of the National Programme of bioeconomy in Ukraine. The practical significance of this paper is that it proves that the systemic analysis of tool complex helps to understand the functional requirements of bioeconomy and to measure the necessary degree of transformation of the economy as a whole to develop the bioeconomy. Tabl.: 2. Refs.: 7.
Key words: bioeconomy, Bioeconomy Council, “bio-progressive” case, bio-diversity, bioeconomy markets, bioeconomy strategy


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