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Економіка агропромислового виробництва

Structure of costs as an efficiency level formation factor for the beef cattle-breading branch / Shyian N.I. // Ekonomika APK. - 2015. - № 12 - P. 44

The objective of this scientific paper is to improve the methodical approach to the division of the expenditures into fixed and variable costs, studying the influence of the former on the efficiency indices of the beef cattle-breeding branch. The methods of research include the correlation and regression analysis, the grouping method and the graphic method. The influence produced by the specific share of fixed costs in terms of the cost price of the production with the weight gain of the livestock on the level of the cattle productivity has been studied. The data obtained in 2013 allowed us to determine the maximum of the specific share of fixed costs (15,7%), at reaching which a decrease in the stock productivity is observed. A different relationship was established between the analysed indices at advanced agrarian companies, in particular after the minimum boundary of the specific share of fixed costs (9,2% in 2013) has been crossed an increase in some efficiency indices of the development of beef livestock branch was observed; though the branch remains to be unprofitable. The use of innovations for the produce production will undoubtedly provide high development indices for the beef livestock branch. Tabl.: 2. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 16.
Key words: costs, structure of costs, fixed and variable costs, efficiency, average-day gain of the cattle, production intensity, and beef cattle-breeding


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