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Contents for 2015 year

Marketing within the framework of increase of social responsibility of agrarian enterprises (=> )

Logistics expences on transformation and transaction in the crops and food subcomplex of AIC (=> )

Investment activity in the agricultural enterprises of Cherkassy region

The modern tendencies of social development of rural areas

Decentralization of management – the path to sustainable rural development

The development of innovation-oriented swine breeding: conceptual approach

Ukraine’s GDP forecast due to the neural networks

Economic and organizational aspects of the transition to organic farming

Factors affecting the farm sustainability in Lithuania (in English)

Support of the economic security of agararian enterprises within the framework of organic agriculture

Development of agricultural production in Ukraine: growth factors

The challenges of agrarian business: search for solutions

Eating out in the picture of food consumption

Regulation in plant quarantine in Ukraine

SWOT-analysis of the development of agricultural irrigation in Ukraine

The development of the viticulture branch in Ukraine

Ecologization of agrarian production: modern challenges and perspectives of development (in English)

The basic sources of profit in the market economy

Investment project efficiency of creation and functioning of agricultural enterprise

The efficiency of fuel consumption in agriculture

The development trends of rural households

The issues of implementation of the Ukraine-EU free trade area agreement for agricultural sector

To the methods of assessing the level of food security

Benchmarking for strategic development planning of the agricultural enterprises of a region

Stimulation of efficiency and competitiveness of agroindustrial production

Economic efficiency of the swine-breeding on agricultural enterprises of Lviv region

Development of the agricultural market

Price parity and the formation of the cost price for crop products in conditions of intensification of production

The impact of the costs and selling prices on the efficiency of milk production on farms of Zaporizhia region

Economic modelling of efficient use of working capital in the agricultural enterprises

The subjectivness of evaluation of damage caused to the owner of a wheeled transport vehicle

Typology of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as prerequisite for adaptation of agrarian sector of Ukraine to the European integration processes

Economic and institutional relations inconsistencies in the food chains under devaluation processes: guidelines and solutions

The enhancement of budget funding system of the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine

Voluntary certification of agricultural products as quality assurance instrument

Formation of the market system of labour market in the regional agriculture

The impact of income and expenses structure on the standard of life of rural population

Theoretic and methodological grounds for the development of enterprises of grain products sector of economy

Theoretical, methodological and legal regulatory provisions for the adjustment of agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine to market economy: scientific research and the efficiency of implementation

Conceptual foundations of spiral transformation of ecological and economic relations: genesis and implementation perspectives

The expected results of transfer to land market

The competitiveness of enterprises in Ukraine

Ecological and economic aspects of use of chemicals in agriculture

Concepts and main types of land fragmentation

Insurance against risks of agricultural producers in the market of derivatives

Driving Forces of Agricultural Machinery Improvement

Social partnership in rural areawith potential consulting services

Justification of the model of socio-economic development of rural territories (=> )

Competitiveness management of agrarian enterprises

The criterion of reconciling the interests of workers and owners in the evaluation of the effectiveness of management of agricultural enterprises