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Contents for 2015 year

World and Ukrainian trends of agricultural development

The world dairy market: current status, tendencies, and Ukrainian prospects

Role of competition policy in providing dynamic development of Azerbaijan

Production and supply of pomegranate in Iran (in English)

Regeneration recurring economic cycle as a model of cyclic management of agro-industrial complex

Development prospects of the enterpreneurship in rural areas of Ukraine

Strategic priorities of the state policy toward the development of medicinal plant cultivation in Ukraine

Bioeconomy development in Europe in conditions of the globalization challenges (in English)

Economic incentives as a tool for regulation ecologization of agricultural land (in English)

Organizational and economic reserves of improving the sheep breeding industry competitiveness (in English)

Strategic investment directions for the development agriculture of Ukraine (in English)

VAT-accumulation mode as an instrument of fiscal stimulus for agriculture production

The influence of agricultural holdings on the market of agricultural machinery in Ukraine

Conceptual foundations of creation of the technological platform of innovative AIC development “Agrotechnopolis”

Formation of the efficient system of administration of innovative and investment activity of agricultural enterprises

External market relations between Ukraine and the EU-countries (in English)

The institutional orgnanisation of the system of state regulation of innovative development of agricultural sector

Prospects for the development of innovative activity in Azerbaijan

Features of formation and implementation of regional innovation strategies in Azerbaijan

The efficiency of beef production on agricultural enterprises

The ways to recover economic depression of rural areas within the development system of regional AIC

Agrosphere: tendencies and development prospects

The necessity of structural reform in the agricultural sector

Land rent and systems of productivity evaluation in horticulture

Risk management for agrarian producers under transformation processes

The concept of forming the product of accounting in terms of agricultural business management

Potential sources of measures financing for reproduction of soil fertility (in English)

Influence of social and economic institutes on the development of auditing and internal audit of innovative activity

Problems of formation of social and economic environment for the Ukrainian village development

Ways of enhancement of standard of life of rural population

Organizational and economic basis of effective employment of rural population

Innovative and technological progress of animal husbandry as a foundation for food security

Ukraine-China: the economic interests in the development of agriculture

Export and import activity rates in companies of Lviv region

The essence of the agricultural land market: theoretical aspects

Development of land relations in the agricultural enterprises of Chernihiv region

Staffing of cultural institutions of rural territories in Sumy region

Conceptual framework of ecologically balanced development of agrarian sphere

Energy evaluation approach to transformations in agriculture in the prism physiocratic views owing to innovation

Some aspects of food industry development strategy

Conceptual bases of the reproduction process of land resources in the agricultural sector

Foreign direct investments as the indicator of the investment attractiveness

International analysis of the state financial support of agriculture producer (in English)

Prospects of development of financial leasing in agriculture

Social position of woman-peasant on the modern stage of development of rural territories

The problems of formation of the intellectual property market in the agricultural sphere (in English)

Features innovative software development investment in agricultural production (in English)

The European experience of development of agriculture of Poland

Institutional aspects of transformation of amortization policy in agriculture

The role of systems and evolutionary approaches to agricultural and rural policy measures: lessons from Lithuania (in English)