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Інноваційна діяльність та інтелектуальний капітал

Ways of increasing of innovation activity in small entrepreneurship / Pivtorak V.S. // Ekonomika APK. - 2016. - № 1 - P. 71

The object of the article is to study the current state and problems of innovation activity in small entrepreneurship within European integration processes with the definition of priority measures to overcome obstacles for increasing innovation activity in relevant economic subjects. In the article were used the following methods: dialectical, comparison, abstract and logical (theoretical and methodological generalizations, identification of problems of innovative development of small entrepreneurship and their solutions). As a elements of novelty there has been studied the modern state support of innovative activity in small enterprises in trends of European integration, including Ukraine’s place in the world ranking of the most innovative countries. The author suggests a number of priority measures to overcome obstacles for increasing innovation activity of small economic enterprises. There was made a comparative assessment of key indicators of innovation activity of domestic enterprises by their size. The list of major problems and obstacles that hinder increasing innovation activity of entrepreneurship was defined. There was exemplified a world experience of innovation policy that provides support for fundamental researches and the commercialization of innovation in the business environment. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 17.
Key words: innovations, innovative activity, small entrepreneurship, commercialization of innovations, government support, investment climate


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