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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents № 03 for 2016 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

Investment into modernization of reclamation waterworks

Enhancement of the state management of economic interests of the agrarian sphere

Capitalisation of agrarian sector of Ukrainian (=> )

Economics of agro-industrial production

The way to save financially sustainable state experimental farms

Regional aspect of production sugar beet subcomplex of Ukraine (in English)

Creation of a productive model of inter-branch balance of using resources in meat and dairy cattle breeding in agricultural enterprises: methodological approach

The multidimensional methods of assessing the competitiveness of farm enterprises (in English)

Agrarian market

The analysis of the market of agricultural high-productive seeds and varieties of plants

Rural development and rural social sphere

Social and psychological factor in the life of rural women

Innovative activity and intellectual capital

Innovative investment approach towards formation and enhancement of competitivness of animal products

Scientific discussion

Aspects of managerial activity within the framework of theory of agrarian management

Young scientist’s page

Development of livestock breeding in rural farms

Prospects of farming in Ukraine

Critics and bibliography

Scientific substitution of balance in nature