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Сторінка молодого науковця

Development of livestock breeding in rural farms / Chernenko D.S. // Ekonomika APK. - 2016. - № 3 - P. 88

The development of animal husbandry at private farms is the most significant instrument of structural changes in economy and increase of qualitative indicators of economic activity at micro- and macro- levels. The state of the industry is characterized by the number of negative tendencies, in particular, impossibility of high profitability support of all kinds of animal production (only milk and eggs are still profitable) as the result of high production cost price and labor intensity. Solving the problem of selling prices for ecologically clean animal products as well as consistency of price and income state support in animal husbandry will contribute to increasing the efficiency of animal breeding at private farms. State regulation of infrastructure development in the rural area by support and encouragement of rural credit communities’ development for meeting the needs of the members of private farms, is at present necessary and timely. Tabl.: 2. Refs.: 10.
Key words: animal husbandry, private farms, selling prices, competitiveness, households


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