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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents № 04 for 2016 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

Development of agroindustrial production of Ukraine: tasks and challenges

Economics of agro-industrial production

Diversification of enterprise structures of agrarian sphere

Efficient use of mineral and organic fertilizers in agriculture

Forage production as a major factor in the effective development of cattle industry

Evaluating the efficiency of production and sales of plant products in Ukraine by DEA

Households, essence and role in providing human needs

Economic effectiveness of use of liquid organic fertilizers (in English)

Analytical evaluation of the fodder production in agrarian formations in the Vinnytsia region

Rural development and rural social sphere

Problems of development of social infrastructure of rural territories

Innovative activity and intellectual capital

The essence of innovative economic development of rural territories

Management and informational support

Integral evaluation of management generation of profits from sales in the agricultural enterprises

Motivation of the employees within the framework of efficient management of agricultural enterprises

Foreign economic relations

Biodynamic agriculture in global perspective

Young scientist’s page

DEA method in analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of concentration of production in agricultural enterprises

Features of agricultural land use in the European Union