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Аграрна політика і реформування

60 years at the frontiers of agrarian economics / Lupenko Yu.O. // Ekonomika APK. - 2016. - № 6 - P. 5

The paper highlights the 60 years of development of the National Scientific Centre “Institute of Agrarian Economics” as a scientific centre that studies economic foundations of formation and introduction of agrarian policy of Ukraine, addresses topical issues of theoretical and practical development of agricultural production, organises application of economic discoveries, coordinates scientific research and trains researchers and scientists. Due to the Directive of the CC of CP of Ukraine and the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR № 524 of May, 10, 1956 “On the measures for enhancement of performance of scientific and research bodies in the agrarian sphere” the scientific institution was formed as Ukrainian institute of scientific research for economics and agricultural management. Within the period of its activity the Institute has become a leading state institution providing scientific and practical framework of the state agrarian policy.
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