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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents № 07 for 2016 year

Agrarian policy and reformation

Theoretical basis of land relations regulation in the Ukraine

Time and space foundations of the agrarian reformation

Economics of agro-industrial production

Theoretical aspects of productivity assessment in agriculture

Theoretical aspects of development and agroindustrial production (in English)

Approaches to the definition of production determinants of bio-oriented economy (in English)

The peculiarities of enterprising on the irrigated lands of Ukraine

Cooperation and corporatisation within the framework of economic cooperation of business entities

Financial relations and accounting

Evaluation of profitability as a precondition for granting state funding for the agricultural enterprises

Material and technical support of the agrarian sphere

Logistical support of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine and their modernization

Rural development and rural social sphere

Methodological approaches to rural development based on decentralization

Scientific discussion

The conceptual aspect of scientific research methodology

Evaluation of competitiveness of cattle breeding products

Young scientist’s page

Features of state regulation of the agricultural sector in the context of economic security

Commodity reserves management of supply formation on cheese market of Ukraine (in English)

Impact of psycho-emotional values on corporate culture