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Економіка агропромислового виробництва

Food security of Ukraine: prospects of development / Kashuba Yu.P. // Ekonomika APK. - 2016. - № 8 - P. 32

The objective of this paper is to identify the key problems of food security in Ukraine and to determine the way of their solutions. During writing the article the general scientific and special methods, in particular, the methods of induction and deduction, analytical, statistical and economic and graphical methods were used. The current state of food market is analysed. The main aspects of food security of Ukraine at the present stage of development are considered. The terms of its provision are discovered and the indicators for assessing food security are identified. The factors of food security are considered in the article. The characteristic of the state of food security in Ukraine is presented. The composition mechanism of ensuring the food security is determined. On the base of identified problems that threaten the food security of Ukraine, the ways of improvements are proposed. Results of the study can be used in the process of development of the programs of increasing. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 15.
Key words: food security, agriculture, indicators for assessing food security, indicator of the food consumption sufficiency, rational consumption rates, dynamics of production


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