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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents № 12 for 2016 year

Scientific support of development of the agro-industrial complex

Scientific basis of introducing market circulation of agricultural land

Economics of agro-industrial production

Economic preconditions and models of formation of land market in Ukraine

Business efficiency of new-formed agricultural market-oriented enterprises in Ukraine

Theoretical aspects of competitiveness of agricultural enterprises

Development of agricultural service cooperatives in Trans-Carpathian region

Stockbreeding modernization as a condition of Ukraine population food security

Main directions and mechanisms of economic productivity of farms

Enhancement of methodological tools of formation and implementation of business plans of agricultural enterprises

The influence of general soil cultivation on economic factors of organic production of agrarian cultures

Financial relations and accounting

Investment in human capital as the condition of innovation development of economy

Methodological approaches and tools for assessment of the investment climate in agrarian sector of economy

Foreign economic relations

European experience of agricultural land market formation

Foreign experience in development of agrarian production

Economic-financial Situation of the Sugar Industry in Poland Before the Removal of Sugar Production Quotas in the EU (in English)

Scientific discussion

Information on activity of the Council of Young Scientists of the NSC “Institute of Agrarian Economics”

Critics and bibliography

Enhancement of the marketing efficiency of agrarian enterprises based on sales policy