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Contents for 2016 year

Problems of development of social infrastructure of rural territories

The essence of innovative economic development of rural territories

Integral evaluation of management generation of profits from sales in the agricultural enterprises

Motivation of the employees within the framework of efficient management of agricultural enterprises

Biodynamic agriculture in global perspective

DEA method in analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of concentration of production in agricultural enterprises

Features of agricultural land use in the European Union

On the performance results of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine within 2011-2015 and principal future perspectives

Conceptual framework of the platform “Agro-techno-polis” of innovative and investment development of science-driven agrarian sphere

The development of the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine by implementing national fashion brands and models of competitiveness in a globalized world

The theoretical framework of ruralistics: notions and categories

Scientific support - the key to development of the sector of viticulture and winemaking in Ukraine

The analysis of the competitive environment of agricultural enterprises

Increase of the competitiveness of cattle breeding production in Ukraine

Conceptual model of the logistic system optimization in the grain-production sub-complex of AIC of Ukraine

Management of soil rational use in the context of european integration (in English)

Insurance of environmental risks of agricultural activities in the system of environmental safety

Investment strategies for augmentation of the efficiency of resources potential of agrarian enterprises

Modern features of motivation of labour in agricultural enterprises

Institutional capital as a development construct of the agrarian market

Accounting and analytical foundations of management own capital: theory and practice

60 years at the frontiers of agrarian economics

Objective prerequisites for formation and functioning of the National Scientific Centre “Institute of Agrarian Economics”

Reform of the system of agricultural sector in terms of decentralization of power and development of integration processes

Strategic lines of development of the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine

Features of rent of state-owned land regulation

The matter of price-formation within the contest of pupulation`s purchasing capacity and inflation processes

The evolution of accounting functions

Formation of new financial management paradigm enterprises

Scientific research of investment problems within the agrarian sector of economy

Enterpreneurship and developemnt of rural territories

Theoretical methodological and organizational basis for the development of rural areas

Agricultural labour economy

The immeasurable greatness of the academician, full member of NAS of Ukraine Oleksii Musiiovych Onyshchenko within the time perspective

Theoretical basis of land relations regulation in the Ukraine

Time and space foundations of the agrarian reformation

Theoretical aspects of productivity assessment in agriculture

Theoretical aspects of development and agroindustrial production (in English)

Approaches to the definition of production determinants of bio-oriented economy (in English)

The peculiarities of enterprising on the irrigated lands of Ukraine

Cooperation and corporatisation within the framework of economic cooperation of business entities

Evaluation of profitability as a precondition for granting state funding for the agricultural enterprises

Logistical support of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine and their modernization

Methodological approaches to rural development based on decentralization

The conceptual aspect of scientific research methodology

Evaluation of competitiveness of cattle breeding products

Features of state regulation of the agricultural sector in the context of economic security

Commodity reserves management of supply formation on cheese market of Ukraine (in English)

Impact of psycho-emotional values on corporate culture

Agrarian economic science address modern challenges