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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents for 2016 year

Evaluation of export potential of agricultural products of Ukraine

Efficiency of pork production in agricultural enterprises in region

Industrial pork production in the modern market environment

Food security of Ukraine: prospects of development (in English)

Domestic market of linseed flax seeds

Diversification of export flows of agricultural sector of Ukraine

Trends and prospects of world grain market

The peculiarities of employment management for rural women within the system of employment market

Information thechnology and support of agricultural service cooperation in Ukraine

Business management of agrarian enterprises and sales policy

Power management for agrarian production

Motivation for the efficient use of personnel of enterprise revenues

Conceptual approach to innovation clusters in the seed production of grain crops

Crops production and efficiency formation of agrarian enterprises

Integration of agricultural education, science and production is the basis of modern training of personnel for agro-industrial complex

Agro-industrial sector of Ukraine: economic discourse

Agriculture of Ukraine: state and resource development opportunities (in English)

Production efficiency of agricultural business entities of Sumy region

Improvement strategy of competitive ability in the production of sugar beet and sugar (in English)

Matters of commercial turnover of seed and payments for the use of intellectual property in Ukraine

Financial capacity of enterprise as an economic category

Efficiency of investment in growth of working capital of agricultural companies

The DEA method for determining the key resource indicators of agricultural Enterprises of Sumy region

Factors of innovative competitiveness of the food industry in the context of globalization

Economic meaning of the expanded reproduction in agriculture

Agrarain economics in researches of Ivan Franko: the past and the present (to 160th birthday anniversary of I. Franko)

Forms of agricultural business entities as a tool of ownership management

The theoretical meaning and nature of management of marketing activity of enterprises

Formation of agrarian innovative system as a way for accumulation of intellectual capital of business entities of agrarian sector

Training of economists of international level of professionalism

Conceptual principles of management development of organic production within the context of food safety

Ecological and economic mechanism of rehabilitation of degraded and unproductive agricultural land

Agroindustrial complex within the framework of implemetation of the state agrarian policy

The development of organic production in Ukraine on the basis of co-producers

Formation prerequisites of service cooperatives of organic and traditional agricultural production

The development of animal husbandry in Ukraine

Regulation of public land control

Industrial purchasing power

Information support of agricultural entrepreneurship (in English)

Integration of the agrarian sector of Ukraine in the internal market of the European Union

Genesis of economic science and education in the world-known agrarian university with 200 years of history

The evolution of theoretical concepts of balance as the main form of financial statements

The methodical aspects of assessment of competitiveness of grain production subcomplex of the region

Challenges of the formation of innovative model of agro-industrial production of the region

Agricultural synoptic-conjunctural institute within the framework of progress and development of agrarian economics of Ukraine

The theoretical basis of economic diversification of farms

Analysis of structural changes in the agricultural business

Tendencies and contradictions of the Ukrainian sugar market

Ways of increasing the production of competitive agricultural production in Zakarpattya

The theoretical and practical principles of forming market of agricultural machinery