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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents for 2017 year

Land reform: problems and prospects of development of agrarian economy

The analysis of efficiency of wheat production by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)

The use of plant protection products in agriculture

Soybean production in terms of integration processes in Ukraine

Geomarketing in the system of managing selling activities of agrarian enterprises (in English)

The strategic analysis of financial potential of the flour-and-cereals industry’s enterprises (in English)

State regulation of insolvent agricultural enterprises

Integral assessment of efficiency of use of material and technical base in agriculture

Development of individual farms in terms of administrative decentralization

The effectiveness of management decisions in terms of labor intellectualization

Theoretical basis of geo-economics

Research methodology in the context of graduate works and dissertations in economics

Factors of competitiveness of private farms

Innovation and technology support of an efficiency of the agricultural sector (review of the monograph “Management of innovation and technological development of agriculture”)

Development of agricultural entrepreneurship in terms of institutional transformation

Analytical assessment of labor intensive branches in agricultural enterprises in Odesa region

Evaluation of economic efficiency of material and technical base of enterprises

Gender problems of women in life of rural population

Assessment of the agricultural innovations institute efficiency: methodical approach (in English)

Economic and mathematical support of innovative management in agricultural enterprises

State support of innovation as a basis for development of viticulture and wine subcomplex

Development of institutionalism in management system

Improvement of dataware of ecologically safe agricultural land tenure

Organizational and economic criteria of state support of agricultural enterprises

Methodical foundations of management of financial safety in enterprises of agroindustrial complex

The effectiveness of hop production in Ukraine

Theoretical foundations and current state of the corn market

On the results of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine in 2016 and the main tasks for future (report at the General Meeting NAAS)

Agricultural land market in Ukraine: state and prospects of its implementation

Economic aspects of transformation of agricultural production in Ukraine

Preservation mechanisms of agrobiodiversity

Conceptual basis of branch structure harmonization of agricultural enterprises

Indicators for analysis of the bioeconomy in Ukraine (in English)

Improving efficiency of farms of Zakarpattia

Scientific principles of productivity management of irrigation water

Theoretical concepts of agricultural land turnover

Management of competitiveness of enterprises in the pig breeding

Diversification of Ukraine's foreign activities in AIC: asian vector (in English)

Production and sale of organic products in the world

Specialization of agricultural enterprises in grain subcomplex

Genesis of the concept of “rural areas” and its essence

Strategic vision of the agricultural order of Ukraine

System and structural analysis of the national economy and the agricultural area in measurement of the economics of knowledge

Development of the market of milk production in Ukraine in context of European integration processes

Institutional and economic mechanism of the dairy product market

Prospects for applying a reduced rate of value added tax on food products in Ukraine

Methodological tools for impact assessment of economic growth indicators on the investment climate of the agricultural sector and the economy of Ukraine

Management of sales activity of agricultural enterprises in transactional measurement

Phenomenon of management and systematization of management knowledge in AIC

On the prospects of minimization of crisis in development of market economy