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Економіка агропромислового виробництва

Indicators for analysis of the bioeconomy in Ukraine / Talavyria M.P., Lymar V.V., Baidala V.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2017. - № 3 - P. 44

The purpose of the article is to determine assessment indicators for the analysis of the bioeconomy. The investigation is based on the analysis of the scientific literature devoted to the bioeconomy studying and materials of international organizations. In the study have been used scientific literatures on the subject, program papers and policy guidelines on the development of bioeconomy in the EU. To evaluate the bioeconomy have been used data of State Statistics Service of Ukraine, Eurostat and the World Bank. Bioeconomy as complex and multidimensional requires a systematic approach to its analysis. An important task is to interpret bioeconomy as a scientific term, development of its criteria and indicators of the regional bioeconomy. Thus metrics to analyze the bioeconomy, which could help the vision of its future prospects in Ukraine, is needed. The element of novelty is proposed regional bioeconomy criteria and metrics to assess level of its development in Ukraine. It is concluded that development of the bioeconomy can help to resolve important issues such as food security support, natural resource management on the principles of sustainability, reducing dependence on non-renewable resources, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, job creation and support competitiveness. It is concluded that the development of bioeconomy in Ukraine would have such results: social (diversification of agricultural economy and its growth; rural development; improving of human health, environment and quality of life); economic (reducing costs; improvement of product; emergence of new products and markets; reducing dependence on non-renewable resources); environmental (prevention of pollution; reducing greenhouse effect and emissions some poisonous substances) ones. Tabl.: 3. Refs.: 13.
Key words: bioeconomy, indicators of bioeconomy development, regional bioeconomy criteria, size of bioeconomy


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