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Проблеми економічної теорії

On the prospects of minimization of crisis in development of market economy / Firsov Ye.O. // Ekonomika APK. - 2017. - № 4 - P. 83

The purpose of the article is to identify a set of measures that can solve the problem of overcoming a production cyclical recurrence in a market economy with an active role of the state. Such economic research methods as abstract and logical, statistical and monographic were used in this paper. The first method was used to form a complex of essential anti-crisis measures that can help to create necessary conditions for the crisis-free development of production in market economy. Statistical technique of extrapolation was used to determine the impact extent of counter-cyclical measures on changes in GDP. Monographic method was used for the depth study of practical experience, directed to overcome a production cyclic recurrence. To reach crisis-free development of production in modern market economy, it is recommended to use the following set of the most important counter-cyclical measures: - application of the indicative planning of production with the adaptation of scientific-based programming and forecasting methods; - organization of production on a social and market-oriented development principles with a high level of social protection of workers; - creation of financial reserves in enterprises, which are intended to increase an effective demand amount and a money mass in the production process if necessary; - using of big banks as shareholders of industrial campaigns and service sector for their active participation in justification of effective business decisions. The practical value of the research lies in modern production stabilization, improvement of industrial relations between employees and owners of the production means, establishment of a sufficiently strong social balance in society and its development without social upheaval. Refs.: 13.
Key words: analysis demand complex events prospects сreature development cyclic recurrence


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