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The elasticity of demand for food / Hrybyniuk O.M., Lysak M.A., Pugachov V.M. // Ekonomika APK. - 2017. - № 6 - P. 59

The purpose of the article is to determine the elasticity of demand depending on income and price for food in Ukraine. The methodical base of the research is a model of applied analysis of demand. Its usage on the basis of expenditures and resources of household in 2002-2015 in Ukraine allowed calculating the elasticity of demand for food, to determine coefficients of demand models, their statistical characteristics and to assess the significance of the model components. Complexity of the research of demand elasticity for food caused its scientific novelty. The practical significance is in the possibility of using the research results in marketing strategies and development programs, especially in crisis. Tabl.: 4. Refs.: 8.
Key words: demand, elasticity, consumers, food, models, marketing, goods


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