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Зовнішньоекономічні відносини

Foreign trade in terms of Ukraine’s integration / Lysak M.A., Sheremet O.O. // Ekonomika APK. - 2017. - № 12 - P. 69

The purpose of the article is to research possible stabilization of Ukraine's foreign trade through access to promising external markets, and identify an access promotion of domestic agricultural products with insufficiently used potential in foreign markets. Theoretical and methodological basis for the research are general theoretical methods of scientific knowledge. In order to achieve the purpose, inductive and deductive methods were used that made it possible to systematize and process information, theoretically interpret and clarify certain aspects of the chosen problem. The research formulates the author's view on the modern process of Ukraine's foreign trade development. There’re analyzed trends of development of international trade, identified the main issues of further collaboration and substantiated the directions of possible stabilization of Ukraine's foreign trade in the future. Elements of scientific novelty are in the proposed directions of formation of free trade zone and development of mutually beneficial collaboration in the agrarian sector of economy. These approaches can be used by public authorities when planning a negotiation process on a free trade zone and economic development forecasting. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 7.
Key words: international integration, foreign trade, export potential of Ukraine, sales markets, demand for goods, free trade zone, food, agriculture


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