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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents for 2017 year

The evolution of scientific approaches to an interpretation of agrarian relations

Economical modeling of the honey market

Methodical approaches to assess an effectiveness of the state support for agricultural producers

Peasant households: social and economic conditions of development (review of the monograph “Social and economic conditions of development of peasant households”)

Prospects for development of the market of organic products in Ukraine

Scientific support of technical and technological renewal of agricultural production in Ukraine

Agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine in terms of institutional changes

Scientific agro-economic researches for the benefit of activation of AIP growth and rural areas

Monitoring and evaluation of the agricultural land use sustainability of Ukraine’s regions

Organic production in dairy farming in Ukraine

Economic and technological processes of regional production of liquid biofuels in Ukraine

Forming of environmentally oriented complex of marketing in agricultural production

Methodical approaches to evaluation of entrepreneurship efficiency in agrarian sphere

Social capital in forming of entrepreneurial network in the agricultural sector of Ukraine

Theoretical basis of formation and realization of innovation potential in economic development

Control of business activity to ensure effective farm management

The European practice regulation of market circulation of agricultural land

Ensuring of domestic hop producers with production resources

World experience of market circulation of lands

State and prospects of sustainable rural development

Institutional conditions of innovation transfer to agriculture and rural areas in Poland (in English)

The main directions of sustainable rural development of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Priority directions for increasing of the efficiency and sustainability of development of the AIC of Belarus

Agroholdings of Ukraine: agrarian policy and future challenges

Land relations and financial aspects of their development

Formation of regional products brands as a way to popularize Ukraine on the international market

The elasticity of demand for food

Agro-techno park - an innovative direction of competitive development of agricultural enterprises

Methodical foundations of perfection of the system of logistical support of agricultural producers

Labour compensation as a socio-economic category and the main source of income of the population of Ukraine (in English)

Methodology of management of sustainable development of the agri-food sphere of the region in terms of decentralization

National Scientific Agricultural Library of NAAS and NSC “Institute of Agrarian Economics”: 100 years to the system of organization of information support of branch research in Ukraine

Increase of competitiveness of cattle breeding production of agricultural enterprises

Rural development in terms of decentralization the authority

Development of meat animal production in the context of food security support

Features of the transformation of rural households in family farms

Ecological aspects of agricultural production

Modeling of partial equilibrium in the milk and dairy product market

Marketing in system of forming of the organic agri-food product market

Factors of increase in grain prices in Ukraine

Conceptual bases of reforming and development of the taxation system of agricultural producers

Features of female labor as a human capital in the countryside

Efficiency of foreign economic activity of borderline Zakarpattia

Aspekts of the implementation of sustainable agriculture policy in the European Union (in English)

World experience in improving of investment attractiveness of the agrarian sector of Ukraine

Food security of Ukraine in modern trends of the world economy

Economic policy of the state on solving socio-economic contradictions of agrarian sector (in English)

Methodological approaches to definition of the land use limits in terms of threat of monopolization of the land lease market

Assessment of the enterprise’s competitiveness dependence on innovation activity

Formation of organizational and economic mechanism of balanced development of the meat and meat products market