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ISSN 2221-1055 (Print)

Contents for 2017 year

Methodological principles of formation of alternative investing mechanisms in the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economy (in English)

Assessment of development of insurance potential of agricultural products in Ukraine

Information and analytical model for organization of economic activity of agricultural enterprises

Availability of food in terms of region (in English)

General logic and principles of modeling of managerial decisions control

Marketing activity tools in enterprise management

Analysis of the state of modernization of domestic hop production enterprises

Informal institutions of the peasantry in modeling of reforms and agrarian policy: theory and practice

State system of protection of rights on plant sorts on the modern stage: establishment and development

Methodical approaches to the definition of an integral indicator of food security

Increasing of competitiveness of the agrarian enterprises in terms of European integration

Development of the material and technical base of agrarian enterprises (in English)

International transportations in foreign trade of AIC products (in English)

Development of institutes of the agro-food sector of economics

“Cross compliance” as an institutional norm for ensuring of ecological agriculture in the European Union (in English)

Land management in the context of realization of European Union land cadastre policy

Management aspects of increasing the efficiency of farms commercial activity

Models for regulating the market turnover of agricultural land in the European Union

Criteria for distribution of agrarian enterprises by size and differentiation of the state support level for agribusiness

Efficiency of organizational and legal forms of management in the agrarian sector of Kyiv region

Oil crops production in Ukraine: current challenges and prospects

Agro-food providing of the population of Ukraine

Role of the fishery in food providing of the population of Ukraine

Market of vegetable crops in Ukraine

Pig production market in the food ensuring system of the country (in English)

Efficiency of the information-analytical model for regulation of agricultural enterprises’ economic activity

Export opportunities of agrarian enterprises of Ukraine on the EU markets

Prospects for formation of a free trade zone between Ukraine and Turkey

Modern paradigm of Common Agricultural Policy of the EU as counteraction to global challenges and disintegration

The importance of Ukrainian corn in the export potential of the animal industry of Spain (in English)

Bioenergy potential of agricultural enterprises (in English)

Rating assessment of regional social and economic development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine: methodology, calculations

Formation of evolutionary growth of the economy in depressed territories

Ecological and economic implications of household waste storage and their impact on the ecosystem

System and mechanism of land use: scientific determination of conceptual apparatus

Categorical and conceptual aspects of productivity management in agrarian enterprises

Total efficiency estimation of agricultural enterprises activity by DEA method

Economic system harmonization

Valuation of sugar beet hybrids as objects of intellectual property

Competitive advantages of grain production on the world market

Integration of education, science and production in the knowledge economics of the agrarian sector

Economic efficiency of sunflower production in the conditions of Slobozhanshchyna

Development of farms of Khmelnytskyi region

Formation of strategy for a development of hop enterprises modernization

Institutional environment and forming of social responsibility in agrarian enterprises

Land management of especially valuable agricultural lands as a basis of their rational usage

Cost management of oil products and services payment of the third organisations in wheat production (in English)

Ecological and socio-economic advantages of energy crops growing

Natural and resource potential of the agrarian sector of Ukraine and its protection

Formation of investment resources in the Ukrainian economy in terms of globalization