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Економіка агропромислового виробництва

Food self-providing of the population of Ukraine / Paskhaver B.Y. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 1 - P. 5

The purpose of the article is to analyze development of an important direction in the food security ensuring of Ukraine, its dynamics, state, perspectives. Research methodology. General scientific methods: abstract and logical - for systematization of available theoretical material; induction and deduction - for deriving general principles in fact analysis; synthesis - for combining elements of the investigated system and its analysis in general; comparison - to evaluate the obtained indicators. Statistical data as well as methodological approaches to self-sufficiency evaluation have been used. Research results. An essential part of food consumption is free (food production for self-consumption, self-preparation, food aid). In Ukraine, it is one sixth, and in rural areas - one third of all food products. Private households sell a quarter of products, 60% of it use for self-consumption, 15% - for help to relatives. The country's food self-providing increases with a reduction in consumption of food imports. Import policy should provide the national consumer with access to products that aren’t produced in the country, but the possibility of import substitution needs to be realized. Elements of scientific novelty. There’s been determined the expediency for creation and gradually realization of a large-scale program of food aid for low-income social groups of the population at the expense of budget financing. The deficient food consumption of a large part of Ukrainians necessitates development of a state program of food aid for low-income groups of the population. Tabl.: 6. Refs.: 8.
Key words: food providing, self-consumption, import substitution, food aid, national consumer


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