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Investment attractiveness of agriculture in Zakarpattia region / Spaskyi H.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 2 - P. 30

The purpose of the article is to consider opportunities for promoting investment processes and investment climate at the regional level. Research methodology. In the research process have been used calculation and analytical methods in order to evaluate the level of region development and reveal the experience of its investment activity. Research results. An analysis of the experience of investment activity has shown the greatest interest of foreign investors in those countries and regions where local investors show significant activity. In Zakarpattia region there is a small number of agricultural enterprises with foreign investments, the share of which is only 1.5% of their total number. There is remained an important problem issue of the allocation of foreign investment resources in the region, which is characterized by great unevenness. Elements of scientific novelty. There has been determined that in the investment attraction in the Ukrainian regions an important role should be played by the assistance and support policy at the regional level. This must be considered as a manifestation of political wiliness and implementation of real measures by representatives of local government authorities in support of investor's interests, local preferences in the infrastructure provision of investment processes, particularly financial, technological, informational, etc. Practical significance. Nowadays in Europe there is a strong interest in new emerging markets, in particular the economies of developing countries, taking into account their growing promising. Investors consider an economic freedom of the market subjects and conditions’ transparency of economic activity as decisive factors for making their own decisions. In Ukraine, the support policy of promoting investment processes has not reached the appropriate level yet, in particular there has been remained a problem of limited impact of local self-government authorities. Tabl.: 5. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 16.
Key words: investment attractiveness, typification of regions, investment processes, favorable investment climate, regional economic development, investments in agriculture, direct foreign investments


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