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Інноваційна діяльність та інтелектуальний капітал

Distribution of agrarian novations in the context of effective branch growth / Shubravska O.V., Prokopenko K.O. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 2 - P. 71

The purpose of the article is to justify the directions of promoting the dissemination of innovative solutions in the agrarian sector of Ukraine. Research methodology. In the research process, the authors have used such scientific methods: abstract and logical, monographic and statistic. Research results. It has been established that the distribution of wet- and soil-saving systems will allow us to rationalize the usage of natural resources in terms of ecological and economic components. There have been outlined the main advantages of soil-saving systems. It has been noted that in the context of resource-saving special interest should be paid to such kind of alternative economy as organic production. The main factors of containment of its distribution nowadays are: inadequate legal and regulatory support base; lack of state financial support; low domestic solvency demand. Elements of scientific novelty. It has also been noted that ensuring national food security and the agricultural export potential are possible only in the context of strict compliance with the requirements of biosecurity and biosafety, the basis of which is formed by biotechnologies in crop and animal production. Practical significance. Support for domestic novations and wide informing of producers about the effectiveness of their usage will ensure widespread introduction of domestic biotechnologies in production processes. This will promote the productivity growth in crop and animal production; improve the quality and competitiveness of agrarian products; give an opportunity to domestic producers of biological products to expand their positions in the domestic and foreign markets, which will grow rapidly in the nearest future. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 10.
Key words: agrarian sector, crop production, animal production, modernization, novations, technologies, innovative activity


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