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Матеріально-технічне забезпечення аграрної сфери

Marketing field research of plant protection products’ application in farms / Korchynska O.A., Vasylenko L.V. // Ekonomika APK. - 2018. - № 7 - P. 64

The purpose of the article is to analyze the results of the conducted survey of private farmers, to reveal general tendencies concerning application of plant protection products in the domestic agriculture, to find out problems in this sphere, and to determine its prospects. Research methods. Standard methods as well as specific methods have been used in the research process. The dialectical method has been used for comprehensive analysis of the problem; the monographic one has been applied to find out causal links. The abstract and logical method and method of the scientific generalization have been used to form conclusions and recommendations. Specific methods for statistical and marketing information processing have been applied to analyze the results of the conducted survey. Research results. The results of the survey of private farmers conducted in Vasylkiv district of Kyiv region are presented in this article. Application of plant protection products by farmers has been analyzed. It has been revealed that one fourth of the farmers do not use agricultural chemicals. As a result, the soils lose their fertility and crop yield falls down. Most of the farmers make their decisions concerning pesticide application based only on their own experience, in spite of the fact they do not have special knowledge. Farmers often do not know the contents of the pesticides. The main fact that influences their choice is a low price level of the product. So, they prefer to use Chinese pesticides, although they are often of bad quality. Elements of scientific novelty. The barriers that prevent development of this sphere have been identified. The level of farmers’ awareness concerning advantages and disadvantages of agricultural chemical application has been estimated. The measures to solve the problems in the sphere of pesticide’s application, which should be taken on micro- and macro-levels, have been determined. Practical significance. The presented material has a practical value, since it gives the opportunity to reveal factors that slow down the development of the pesticide’s application sphere, and to determine the actual directions of problem solutions of crop protection. Tabl.: 2. Figs.: 9. Refs.: 10.
Key words: plant protection products, agriculture, market, farmer, survey, marketing research


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